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Today's article about a medicinal plant as long as I asked about Moringa.

Truth Moringa This charming Indian plant has been working on many studies in Vwaidh on the joints and liver, sugar and sexual dysfunction and chest sensitivity and thyroid and multiple sclerosis and Tarotkli and Dank and hear together:

1. Moringa is primarily a powerful analgesic for pain as well as anti-inflammatory and most importantly it treats the lungs unlike chemical analgesics that kill the lungs.

2 - strong anti-oxidation story oxidation Ijmaa simply you have a name called a cell wall factor semi-fences that protect the city from the aggressors if the fences hit the needs Elly imposed intervened Htkdlk and the needs that were supposed to graduate Moringa preserves the cell wall from damage means Mjazch quickly

3 - 50 grams of moringa paper with the meal Benzl sugar 21% ؜ means if you sugar, for example, 250 high with Moringa will be under the 200 Elly huh acceptable medically explained earlier last 199.

4. Addressing ED.

5 - to work full maintenance of the liver overcome the high fat and lack of iron.

6 - the most important use at all a radical treatment for chest allergy and asthma.

7 - Antipyretic and natural antibiotic is the main food for children and adults during fever.

8 - to protect the nerves of inflammation, such as Elly get to the diabetic patient from numbness and burning in the leg and the lack of sensation and occasion of the nerves used a study in the treatment of multiple sclerosis with the Indian plant premium.

I wish to refer to others information about the great tree of life Moringa.

Recent information Moringa de not a medicinal plant Btghali da food means there is no need named Moringa tea, such as Mabdis people Elmhamsh relationship to medicinal writers and Hashr themselves. Take 2 tablespoons on a glass of water and drink and eat with water.

You are healthy ❤️