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What are the personal descriptions and managerial skills of a successful school principal?

Personal specifications for a successful school principal:

1. Body safety.
2. Thinking safety.
3. Self safety.
4. The body.
5. Efficiency.

School Principal Tasks:

1. Organization and planning.
2. Supervision of implementation.
3. Training.
4. Orientation.
5. Calendar.
6. Follow-up.
7. Encouragement.

management skills:

1. Create ideas.
2. Feeling the problems.
3. Reflection on solutions.
4. Getting opinions.
5. Program analysis and simplification.
6. Planning the educational process.
7. Drawing up the general policy for work.
8. Prepare the budget.
9. Estimate the cost.
10. Organizing meetings.
11. Writing reports.
12. Selection of teachers.
13. Defining and distributing the work.
14. Establish a good system for communication and public relations.
15. Study and analysis.
16. Focus on core problems.
17. Simplicity and clarity in the wording and the hadith.