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What are the personal features of a successful school principal and what should they avoid

Personal characteristics of the institution manager:
- Fun character.
- Extensive knowledge in the technical aspects related to his profession.

What should the principal avoid?

Avoid introducing his personality so that he does not restrict teachers ’freedom.
Listening to teachers ’opinions with constant patience, longing and smile.
- Avoid judgment on matters brought up by teachers.
Quietly distinguished.
- Helping all teachers to participate in decision-making in reaching an agreement.
Spending time planning and evaluating work.

Some managers failed?

Weakness in training.
Poor management.
- Ambiguity in the tasks and powers performed by the manager.
There is a need to train managers administratively and educationally.
- Sensitive training periods to help managers acquire positive qualities and avoid negative ones.
- The manager distributes his working hours in the tasks he performs according to priority.
Prepares all educational meetings.
- See the meeting records.
He shares his business and opinions in the planning, organization and implementation process.
He should think about all the school needs:
• Of school books.
Adequate programs.
• Ministerial educational instructions or received from the inspectors to review, respect and implement them.
An educational distribution that must be respected and applied.
• Notebooks that mirror the work of the professor.
Frequent regular visits, especially at the beginning of the year with newcomers.