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What is the role and powers of the school principal?

The role and powers of the director of the educational institution:
Runs and runs the student's mind.
Adjusts the system.
Ensure the proper functioning of education.
Affiliation with decent and good treatment.
The organization of the organization in a tight manner in accordance with the laws and instructions.

Pedagogical costs:

Preparing a tight plan for the distribution of official time in the interest of the student.
Providing the necessary equipment (educational documents, programs, pedagogical pedagogical instructions, and means of clarification).
- Monitor the progress of education.
- Education and departmental and coordination councils are held ...
Visit the teachers.
Watch for textbooks.
He has a special booklet recording the work and development of teachers.
The managerial side of the Foundation:
Supervised and easy going:
- The theater
- Hand work
- Voice groups
Photo Labs
- the library
- The magazine and the newspaper ...

Administrative costs:

- Preparing and maintaining administrative files.
1. Civil status.
2. Certificates and qualifications.
3. Job hierarchy.
4. Holidays and absences.
5. Various matters and correspondences.
Staff evaluation and evaluation.
Respecting the deadlines for sending reports and periodic statements to the authorities.
- Deliver the incoming mail, direct it, classify it, mark it, and then hand it over to the secretariat in order to register it in the import register after it is numbered according to the guide.
- Save and organize archives "archive".
- He keeps exam papers for 3 years.
- Sign school certificates.
Organizes the opening of the school year.
1. Attends educational documents.
2. The Regional Center for Educational Documents shall be notified of a change that may occur to the educational map.
3. Transferring educational documents from the regional center for educational documents.
4. He issues a report describing the status of the textbook and sends it to the regional center for educational documents.
- Distribution of lessons: The teachers must receive the lessons on the first day of the school year.
Service Panel: for employees.
Maintenance plate.
- Administrative staff maintenance board.
Aid Services Panel.
Reports: The opening tag report and the end of study report.
Notebooks: employee induction notebook, various council minutes (for each council record), weekly meeting notebook.

Financial activities:

- Checks regularly the contents of the fund.
- It is indicated each month by registering with letters and after the accounts are found on books:
• Recordings.
• Daily fund book.
• The newspaper of the fund.
To be marked at the end of every three months on the fixed dues book.
- Ensures that permission to transfer always precedes performance.
- Ensures that the internal service organization does not hinder any assessment that he heads the Transaction Committee.
- Whenever possible, he shall come with the disposer to receive the goods, verify their quality and conform to the deal concluded.