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What is school administration:

What is the school administration:
Management is one of the basic factors that underlie each institution that wanted to improve performance and raise production efficiency. Therefore, the school cannot succeed in its work and achieve its goals if it does not have a sound, constructive and honest endeavor based on the following elements:
1) School administration (service) and not (authority).
2) School administration (for running) and (development).
3) School administration work (group work, not individual).
4) School administration (science and reason), not jurisprudence and study.

The project of the Foundation in a brief way:
The transformation of the institution from its current position to a better position can be achieved within the framework of the project of the institution that enables it to raise the level of its performance and improve its returns, and from within it, in a way that makes the student the basis of the educational process, its axis and its goal and makes all those dealing with it concerned with participation in improvement and development.
The enterprise project is a plan that delineates the milestones and objectives of the institution’s progress in a specific period of time, in which all parties of the educational group and those dealing with it participate in preparing them. The project’s success depends on the proper exploitation of the available tools and can be provided to achieve the objectives outlined for each stage of the project. Of enthusiastic and willing members to improve the status of the institution and that its activated head be the success of the reporting process The idea of ​​working for the institution project is based on the means employed by it by all concerned, and this is why we must ensure the application of recommendations and strive to solidify the idea clearly with the largest number of the educational group until it finds Increased demand.
One of the most important factors for a successful operation is the provision of related documentation.
1) Definition of the institution.
2) Analysis of the organization's status (data).
(Problems and solutions)
(General and procedural goals)
Multiple processes and activities.
3) The evaluation: the approved measures and indicators, the evaluation plan.
4) Conclusion: In this summary, the specifics of the institution, the foundations of the project and the desired goals for it in order to ensure improvement and development are highlighted.

5) Accessories:
- The nominal list of the leadership team at the enterprise level.
 - The nominal list of communication and media cells.
 - The nominal list of cells responsible for implementing, following up and evaluating the axes.
 - Communication and media planner.
 Training Diagram.
 Calendar of completion of operations.
 Operations description cards.

 What are the necessary skills for a school administration man:

- Do work quickly.
Efficiency in creating ideas, feeling problems, mastering solutions and reaching opinions.
- Planning the educational process and drawing the general policy.
- Budget preparation, cost estimation.
Establishing a new system for communication and public relations.
Organizing meetings and writing reports.
- Personnel testing, distribution of work and identification of terms of reference.
Establish a good system for educational research and educational renewal.
Human skills:
The way in which a man of management can deal successfully how he can attract others and make them collaborate with him and be saved in the work and increase their ability to produce and give.
Enterprise project:
In view of the weak results of the past academic year and for the institution to move from its current position to a better position, the administrative and educational team agreed during the beginning of the year meeting to work within the framework of the institution's project that enables it to raise the level of its performance and improve its returns from within it in a way that makes the student the starting point, axis and goal of the educational process.