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What is the social role of the principal of Al-Najaj School:

* Trend of society: raising the reputation of the school in the social environment (providing assistance to the destitute ...).
* The direction of the parents of the pupils: linking relationships with families and with the office of the Students ’Guardians Association - relations are necessary with other institutions.
The completion of administrative documents based on the following principles:
- The economy in the means and effort.
Effectiveness in application and follow-up.
Simplicity and clarity in administrative methods.
- Accuracy, originality, and selection of appropriate terms.

The collective spirit of the enterprise manager
Should decompose:
- With wisdom.
- Sobriety.
- Consultation. To improve collective profitability.
- Cooperative.
- Walk with the system prevailing in the country.
Adaptation to reality.
Just in its provisions.
Avoid dragging.
- Good treatment.

Foundation Director and Timing Techniques:

Learn about preparing the educational map:

Implementation of the map (assignment of divisions).
- Official times.
Schedule of specialized and regular rooms.
Knowledge of laboratory methods.
- Official instructions on the distribution of complimentary basic materials.
- The number of theoretical classes, practical work, and capacity for private and regular rooms.
Allocating classes one day during the week for all one-course professors for coordination meetings and internal seminars.
Putting the dressing on the wall and classifying it.
- Preparing the completion documents (the different coloring sheets, in available numbers, on which the prescribed quotas are written).
Publications on the use of time for professors, department, specialized and regular rooms in the absence of curriculum.
Distributing the shares of applied and sports works and drawing.
Distribution of integrated terrains.
- A general review and to ensure that there are no errors: forgetfulness, repetition, symmetry.
- Begin printing the timing on the special forms.
- Monitor and sign them.
The stage of implementation of the completed time.
Field Follow-up Phase.
The generalization of timing techniques is intended to define methods and methods and clarify approaches and behavior to ensure the effectiveness of the completion process.

A reading of Resolution 175 and Brotherhood, which defines the principal duties of the principal of the school:

He is the supervisor of the basic school and responsible for the good conduct, supervision, and educational and administrative management, and he supervises the moral education and exercises his authority continuously on the lessons, order and ethics.
He is obligated to attend permanently and can be summoned at any time of the day or night and help him in performing his duties for the Education and Administration Council.
He is the stimulator of all interests and coordinates them, using all financial and financial means. ()
His pedagogical activities:
- Register new students.
Controls and organizes teacher services.
- He applies the official instructions for the educational programs in the institution.
- It sets the necessary procedures for forming educational groups in order to achieve better coordination and appropriate adaptation to the work of teachers.
It gathers and holds education councils and departmental councils.
Establishes the necessary procedures to improve teacher training.
Coordinates the activities of subject masters and key professors.
- Presides departmental and education council meetings, and takes all measures to actually take them.
- Monitor the textbooks in terms of:
• Progressive and smooth presentation of lessons.
• Application programs.
Frequency of assumptions.
- The emergence of teachers and helps beginners with counseling and providing notes, advice, and directions written in a visiting card arranged in the file of the person concerned.
- He participates in the examination and competing committees and in the training processes.