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What must be avoided by the principal during school entry and What is the goal of the principal?

What must be avoided by the principal during school entry:

Lack of serious and prior thinking about entering the school.
- Neglecting his great role in defining the responsibilities of the administrative staff and distributing the works.
Delay in preparing the uses of time for teachers and students.
- Neglecting to develop a work calendar in which the works are distributed in an organized manner, such as receiving professors, getting to know new ones, and listening to their concerns.
Distribute the uses of time and appoint the principal and coordinators.
- Neglecting to explain official texts and leaflets.
Failure to control the calendar of the education councils.

Records at the management level (with the manager):
Guidance and routing record.
- Register of administrative councils.
Education Councils Register.
Divisional Councils Register.
- Record of coordination councils between materials.
Record school results.
Disciplinary Board Record.
Record the induction records.
- Register outgoing mail.
- Record incoming mail.

What is the goal of the principal?

Maintain order.
- Ensure that the school is running according to the set schedule.
Restrict students' attendance and appointment, and work on mastering the subjects.
Providing the conditions and capabilities that help direct its growth.
Achieving social goals.