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Who is the successful director of the school?

Who is the successful director of the school?

- Who is planning the faculty meetings.
Enthusiastic about his work.
- Searches for both small and large.
- He is the one who discusses the problems with the teachers.
Knowledgeable people.
- Extensive and abundant knowledge in the technical aspects related to his profession.

What are the characteristics of success in running?

- The ability to run.
- The strength and balance of the character.
Educational competence.
- Good relations with others.
Implementing justice.
Rigor and firmness.
Feeling responsible (conscience).
Seriousness at work.
Integrity and sincerity.
Permanent attendance at school.
- Consult with others.
- Help colleagues.
- Decision-making.
Commitment to humility.
- Initiative.
- Teamwork.

Characteristics of failure to run?

Weak running ability.
Evading responsibility (indifference and selfishness).
Weak educational competence.
Reckless decision-making.
Weak personality and unbalance.
- the control.
Improvisational and chaotic.
Failure to implement justice.
Frequent school absences.
- Lack of discipline.
Not to consult with others.
Lack of assistance and lack of understanding of colleagues.
Excessive modesty.