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7 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start With NO MONEY

7 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start With NO MONEY

7 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start With NO MONEY, a lot of people want to up a business but they think we need thousands and thousands of dollars to up guide you guys is completely false in this video I'm going through seven top business ideas that you can with no money yes seriously zero you just need to be creative and I guarantee that you can turn any skill that you already have into a very viable business that is making six seven or eight figures without a lot of millions ed business you need to rely on yourself to create value and
 what you can do is offer your services to other people which is basically just trading your time for money but then you're thinking hey I thought trading time for money was something we weren't trying to do but the answer to that is no especially at the when you're just ing out the business and especially 

when you're in our business without any money

 it is likely that you will have to trade time for money and then as you keep building this business and scale it up that
 when you can actually get to a point
 where you aren't trained your direct time for money or you'll have set up processes that allow you to keep making money even
 when you are not working guys at the stress that is so much easier to make money these days than it was back like fifty years ago and the sole reason for this is all due to the internet a lot of these ideas require literally just a laptop like this some of the ideas well be talking about in this video are more personal but a lot of these ideas you can literally just do with a computer and everything on this list is scalable you can turn it into a six-seven or even maybe an eight-figure business so let's get ed the first top business idea that you can with no money is print-on-demand this is a business model
 which lets you up a clothing company without any up capital here's how it works so 
when a customer places an order for let's say a shirt on your website this factory or the supplier will to make that shirt they'll print it on demand as the name suggests and then they will ship it out for you so literally there's nothing you need to do on your side besides customer service in order for that shirt to be printed and shipped out for you in a way its sort of like drop shipping there's no need to bind bulk there's no need to place a big order ahead of time before you've actually made any orders and as a result, a lot of risks is taken out you don't need to keep inventory and its a lot easier to if you have a good idea for making T-shirts then turn on the mayor is one of the best and easiest ways to get into eCommerce honestly
 when I was in out my own clothing brand that's actually flopped I wish I knew about print-on-demand because that would have made things so much easier you know my profits women a little bit less but the up cost of handling inventory all that stuff living so much easier its a great way to test an idea before actually committing and creating a big order from overseas and to get ed there are sites like print fi and Shopify that allow you to use this business model Ill link them in the description below so if you're interested in actually ing out your own print-on-demand shop those are probably two the best places to I will say that trademark infringement is one of the big things you have to look out for 
when you are doing print-on-demand a lot of the popular slogans and designs may be copyrighted so if you aren't sure you'll probably want to talk to a copyright lawyer or someone like that because you definitely don't want to run into any problems 
when youre doing your first business and the biggest and hardest part about any company especially printondemand is the marketing you can create a really cool product but if you dont market it correctly then no ones gonna know about it and no ones gonna buy it so I really recommend using social media use sites like tick tock use Instagram influencers tick tock influencers try and give them free clothes and see if theyll post content for you especially tick tock like you guys this platform is still very undervalued the influencers are all underpaid right now because its brand new no one really knows how much theyre worth so I think that if you stand 3d products to a bunch of tick tock influencers youll have a really good shot at having them make content for you and that will definitely be a good return on your investment and like I said before if youre interested in this business model check out the links below there are a lot more indepth guides available on YouTube that you guys will find extremely helpful yeah printondemand very good cheap and easy way to get into ecommerce ok next top business idea is ing up a niche content blog well I mean by this is you want to up a blog that is centered around a specific category for example this could be like MacBook accessories personal finance lamps like there are so many different categories that you guys can make a blog about it doesnt have to be something that you were extremely passionate about but it does have to be something that you think you can monetize and now youre probably wondering like how can a Content blog actually make money the way it works is with this blog you generate traffic through your blog posts and articles the goal is to get these articles ranked high on search engines such as Google in these posts youll have like how tos top of 
whatever anything that gives value to the reader and in these articles you'll also have their affiliate links and that's how you actually directly make money through a content website
 when people click on these links and they buy that product or service you'll make a percentage of the revenue you guys this is the perfect business to if you don't have any money you can easily use a free blogging tool such as Wix calm to create your first blog in like a few hours its extremely easy or you can use WordPress paired with a web host such as Bluehost and create a more advanced and customizable blog but I think for most people just ing out Wix is a great way to create a professional-looking website without the hassle of all these customizations and having all these different plugins and I promise you you can literally set up a blog in one single afternoon but a key with this business idea is that you have to make a lot of valuable content if you don't like running then this business type is gonna be extremely hard to stay consistent with and the reason

 why you can make so much money

 with a niche blog like this is because all the people that are coming in and reading your post from sites such as Google com they are hot leads they're actively searching for this type of content and as a result 
when you rank for these keywords it means that these people are likely to buy
 whatever product or services youre talking about affiliate income is no joke and there are so many people making six and sevenfigure incomes just from their blogs the hard part with this is getting the traffic getting that initial audience to do so you need to make really good content you need to build up a good audience base and you need to figure out a way to rank on search engines people think that blogging is dead but guys theres still so much untapped market and potential and blogging so I definitely think that this is a great business that you can in with no money required all right my third top business idea is doortodoor sales for example you can solve things such as home security pest control solar energy the list is endless I know youre probably thinking people see these salespeople as sort of sleazy and really low on the totem pole but its not always that way and there are a ton of very legit doortodoor jobs that you can actually get since most of them are Commission based the earnings potential for these jobs is extremely high in doortodoor sales you normally off as a rep
 which means that you'll be doorknocking to generate business there are unlimited ores that you can knock on or at least enough
 where one person cannot possibly Dorn off all of them and as a result it's all about how much work you put in it is a tough job you'll see a ton of rejection its gonna be hard at times but if you're successful with this you can make a huge income a lot of people think that door-to-door salesmen need to be extreme extroverts however the truth is that you can actually be an introvert and be one of the best salesmen so really people of all different types of personalities can really excel with this type of job so there are people like Chandler David Smith
 whos another YouTuber I really enjoys videos and he actually ed off selling pest control he still does this and its a great income source for him it's also an extremely great learning opportunity you know like having this training and doing sales is going to help you out and pretty much any business you in the future and now this is specifically targeted at college students but with these door-to-door sales companies a lot of them target these students
 who just work over the summer months and then after that they return to school but in these summer months you can make a ton of money so if you're back home from school if you're on break this can be a great business that you can learn a ton from now you're probably also wondering how can you scale this type of business well like I said before you off as a rep but if you are really good at
 what you do and then eventually you'll become a manager and
 when you're a manager you can recruit other people to become reps and you'll make a percentage of the amount of money that they bring in, therefore, you can not be working just recruiting and be making money okay next up on my list is personal branding and I call this the business that will bring in more business personal branding won't bring you any money indirectly but it will make your opportunities for making money much greater more efficient and successful Ill give a rundown of personal branding and
 why it's so good but I actually made another separate video that is much more detailed so I will put that link in the description below to build a successful personal brand you need to do a lot of social media you need to build your social media account on YouTube on ticktock Instagram Twitter or 
whatever platforms are popular in your country you also need to build your influence by building a reputation you want to think about 
what you're good at what value you can bring to others and also
 what type of change and knowledge you want to inspire in other people personal branding is such an overlooked business opportunity people don't think that this is actually business but guys this is the thing that you want to focus a lot of time in if you want to a company in the future personal branding literally equates to free marketing for any business you later on so going to one of my businesses I failed earlier on was my clothing business and the reason why that failed was because of marketing now if I were to s another clothing business I think I have such a big advantage now that I've sort of built up this personal brand before no one knew me they didn't really care about me and so as a result
 while they want to buy my clothes once you built some influence then any type of product or service you have will be tied to your personal brand and that's gonna make ing off a lot easier the only thing that building a personal brand requires is a lot of time it doesn't require any money but it takes up so much time social media is free posting valuable content is free everything you need to get ed with your personal brand is gonna be at zero cost and it can be done 
while working another job doing other side hustles the list is endless this is the longterm strategy business that I see a lot of people overlooking so that
 why I want to put on this list I think it is so important and if you build your personal brand early on you're gonna have such a big match in
 whatever you do in the future so my number business idea
 which requires no mega is becoming a virtual assistant if you want to work remotely and you want to learn the ins and outs of a company being a VA on Fiverr or Upwork is the best way to this is a service-based business 
where you are basically working as an assistant for some company owner or
 whoever it is that needs services done so there's gonna be more like menial tasks such as word processing Excel sheets basically anything that frees up the time of the person that is hiring you I love this business opportunity because it allows you to become well rounded on the back end of any business to become a successful VA the person hiring you is going to have to train you and as a result, you'll learn everything about the business how they operate how they run
 what tasks they have to do on a day to day basis and while at first glance that sounds kind of boring you mustn't actually learn so much from that I suggest finding a company on Fiverr in an industry that you are passionate about and an industry where you might want to create your own business in future this is the easiest way to learn tons and tons about that industry
 while still making some money now the pay is not that high you're not gonna be rolling in the dough by becoming a virtual assistant but guys 
what's most important here is the experience and you know you're still making money so its kind of like an internship that you get paid for now this is definitely hard to scale because you know you're only yourself there's only a certain amount of hours you can work as a v8 per day however one way you can scale this is by creating a staffing agency full of EAs that you hire out to companies you're doing the legwork of finding called EVs that are trainable that have some basic skills and as a result, you can take a cut of 
whatever paid they're getting and create passive income that way overall you guys becoming a virtual assistant it's a great way to be paid from home and also learn the intricacies of the business if you do it right you'll leave with yes some pay but also a lot of experience as to how to run a company ok number six on my list is personal training if you're big on fitness then I think this is one of the most rewarding and scalable businesses that are on this list guys literally the possibilities are endless if you're into fitness the thing most people out with is in-person training sessions but then you can get more creative you can selling online training guides and workout plans so the first step in building a personal training business is well you want to know how to build a good body you need to know 
what good form is 
what exercises there are and also how to get certain results by combining different exercises and techniques so that your client can get the best results possible now many trainers will get certification and this does cost money but you know you don't have to do this 
what I do recommend is once you making some money with your personal training business I recommend reinvesting that getting your certification and that will help you out greatly in the future so the first way that most people out with personal training is just doing in-person training sessions this gives you experience testimonials and referrals from there that
 when you can actually move on to online personal training and guys online personal training that is the easiest way to scale this type of business this way you can reach more people have more clients at the same time and just impact a lot more people
 what you can do is sell customized workout plans based on your clients wants and needs and later on if you're good at nutrition you can create meal plans for them this is a business opportunity
 where yes you can create monthly income by charging monthly fees cells becomes recurring income so let's say you have a client that pays you a month if you have clients like that
t which is entirely possible if it's online training then BAM that's ten thousand dollars a month and that's thousand dollars per year all this cost no money because it is a service-based business its reliant on the experience and knowledge that you have and like any business the is the hardest game those first initial clients is the hardest but you'll find that if you're a good
 what you do they will refer you to their friends and family and your business will literally looking like that so I actually want to do something like this before but never got around to it so if you guys like fitness if you want to help impact people and help people get into shape then this could be a great opportunity and business with no money okay next up on my list is becoming a tick tock manager tic toc is the newest and fastest growing social media platform with almost billion active users I think that tick tock is going to take over IG well I guess well see because it seems like some countries are ing to ban this app but still you guys this is the opportunity that youve been waiting for if youve ever want to grow on social media fast then this is the app to do so it is so much easier to grow on tiktok than YouTube or Instagram like Im talking at least fifty to a hundred times easier for example you guys my friend Elliot Choi he got like three over three hundred thousand followers on Tik Tok in literally seven days now granted he is an amazing content creator but still that is literally impossible on any other platform we have influencers like Charlie DAmelio with point two million followers and even much smaller ones like yours truly that need representation 
what I mean by this is that creators need help managing brand deals working with brands finding sponsorship opportunities negotiating contracts there's a huge influx of growth influencers on this platform and that is 
why I see such a huge untapped market in this industry right now tic top influencers are not charging a lot no one really knows
 what theyre worth so if you are really good at you know negotiating brand deals finding opportunities for your clients then yeah the demand is there and people will find you and theyll will find your services extremely valuable you have to have a good understanding of the platform of course you need to know how to pitch your client to different brands different companies and you need to know how to put deals together and if you can you can make a lot the standard rate seems to be between to percent of the revenue from these deals well I recommend doing is reach out to these smaller influencers people like me offer your services and tell them how you can help them make more money give them an offer that they cant refuse because you know your first clients are the hearts to get give them good results and that will lead to wordofmouth that will lead to referrals from other people and you know creators they know other creators so if you can do a good job for one creator they are going to refer you to the friends the way you can scale this is you can turn it into a fullblown agency once you become wellknown you can your own agency hire other agents and getting bigger and bigger influencers on your roster list super cool opportunity and if you know about tiktok you know how fast this platform is growing and how much potential there is for representing all these new influencers so guys you really dont need any capital to a business these days I hope you guys found my list helpful I know some of these ideas are more obscure some of them are more common
 but guys these are real ideas these arent ideas that you can definitely take and turn into six seven or eight figure businesses there are so many opportunities on this list and in the world in general I have to say you guys take action getting comfortable and just things and learn them as you go thats my model in life and its worked out extremely well for me because remember you guys these are just ideas to turn them into actual businesses you need to execute on them taking action create your first business and you guys will thank me later so thats it for this video hope you guys found it extremely helpful and since were on the topic of making money if you guys havent signed up yet for weeble make sure to do so create your account deposit and youll get two free stocks worth up to one thousand six hundred fifty dollars and its free used and extremely powerful so theyre you guys thank you so much for watching if you liked the video make sure to hit that like button and also subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of these just like this I make a ton of content about personal finance investing in entrepreneurship thank you and Ill see you guys in the next video peace Music '