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now 4 Assets That Make You Rich | Robert Kiyosaki | Success Resources

 4 Assets That Make You Rich | Robert Kiyosaki | Success Resources

Assets That Make You Rich

 its really simple you know my poor dad always said to me go to school and get a highpaying job thats not well this is a job and get fired you know and then my Rich Dad Alices work for assets so theres basically four asset classes that makes a person rich and theres lots of more the subheadings and all this but number one is a business the richest young guys todays chart companies is called Facebook Google Apple stuff like that you know number two is real estate so what my rich dad taught me is a combination being an entrepreneur in business and entrepreneur in real estate just that combinations I pay no tax and I make a lot more money okay so a lot of guys will have a business will say well how much real estate you got without real estate you pay tax thats the problem and then this paper which the stocks bonds mutual funds and savings thats what most people should be in recent savings are gold made papers good like stocks bonds mutual funds theyre liquid you make a mistake and get in and out real quick go liquid the trouble with these two you make a mistake youre there forever cant get it out so thats what it could be very smart before you go in and the last is commodities and you know its like oil and its a price of oil goes down people sell you lose the money said no because in the us if you deal in oil get tax breaks I must invest a million in oil I get back so I get return day one so well is very very profitable thats what I dont invest in oil stocks very different okay so if oil goes to a barrel and still cashflow still making money so I said about right now hope it doesnt go too much farther but I make money and then the other commodities you know theres four precious metals but the four our gold silver guns bullets okay thats why I live in Arizona not California California they dont let you carry guns everybody in Arizona carries and the reason for that is because you have something somebody else killed Music '