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5Reasons to Signup for Amazon Business website

 5Reasons to Signup for Amazon Business

Reasons to Signup for Amazon Business guys welcome back to another episode of whats your game plan on today's episode was going to talk about a pretty well-known company who just launched a special program for business owners if you browse through the internet you'll read countless stories about how Amazon is helping business owners achieve great results here are five reasons 

why you shouldn't ignore Amazon business 

there are so many awesome reasons to sign up for Amazon business especially if you buy things for work or if you're in charge of a purchasing department all Amazon business accounts include exclusive pricing on millions of products so not only will you get a great deal on all of your purchases but they also have a supplier management tool that lets you compare and price shop to I think the coolest thing about this new program is that they also offer quantity based discounts 
when you need to buy more and you save more Amazon business lets you pay on your company purchasing credit card or you can even use an Amazon business card and on top of that Amazon has credit lines 
where you can get up to days to pay off your balance with interest if your company is eligible for taxes up purchasing they'll also accept your certificate and then you can buy all the products taxfree the Amazon business has an advanced reporting system that allows you to track and monitor all of your company and employee spending so 
whether you work in healthcare hospitality tech or even construction
 whatever field you're in they have what you need the signup process is super simple and it only takes a few minutes to complete Ill drop the link below or you can sign up if this video is helpful to you please hit share to help spread the word about Amazon business thank you again for watching and until next time take care '