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9Things to Do BEFORE You Start Selling on Amazon (Tips for New Amazon Sellers)

  Do BEFORE You Start Selling on Amazon 

 Do BEFORE You Start Selling on Amazon ,hey guys in this video Im going to be discussing the things that you need to do before you selling on Amazon if you do these things you will easily overcome some of the common stumbling blocks that people encounter 
when they first their Amazon business to find out what these things are and how to overcome them for yourself keep watching this video get an Amazon Prime urgent account now in the past I used to recommend that people just get ed ASAP by opening a free Amazon seller account now Ive recommended this because the fact that I knew that people would resist using a pro merchant account because well its not free however my opinion on this has admittedly changed over time and I will now recommend to everyone did they get an Amazon promotions account and I will recommend this to you even if you resist my advice
why well for one very simple reason why are the eligibility requirements to win the buy box is that you need to have an Amazon Pro merchant account the Amazon buy box is that little Add to Cart button that appears on an Amazon item listing about of the sales for an Amazon listing and made by people clicking the buy box now lets say that there are sellers that are eligible for the buy box 
what Amazon will do is that rotate those sellers around and give each of them some buy box time about of sales are made by people using the buy box so winning the buy box time is crucial in fact its even more crucial as a new seller compared to being an established seller think about it if people arent using the buy box and it means that theyre opening at the list of sellers and selecting one from the list and realistically how are they going to pick a new seller with no reviews or seller with lots of reviews another fantastic thing about the buy box so it doesnt show how many reviews the seller being featured has in fact it actually gives you very little information about the merchants at all it means in there as a new seller you can use the buy box to get your initial sales because of the fact that customers will not discriminate against you because of a low no number of reviews so dont cut off your nose to spite your face get an Amazon promotion account now you can get a free day trial to one use those days to make plenty of money so that 
when Amazon comes and rebuilds you for the monthly charge you wont even mind to have the right documents ready 
when applying for an Amazon account so I thought that I was doing people are nice deed by creating a step by step video tutorial on how to open an Amazon account which by the way if you want to watch that I will have a link to it in the video description below unfortunately within months of creating that video Amazon added a new set to the account creation process which means that my video is kind of outdated Amazon now required following 
when creating an account once photos of a national ID like a passport or a drivers license and to a bank statement that has your address on it luckily preparing for this is super simple just do these two things one use a digital camera like the one on your cell phone to take photos of your national identification again a passport or a drivers license perfect for that and to log into your bank and download your latest bank statements then just upload these documents 
when Amazon asks them during the account creation process simple 3x5 dont wait here is the thing with Amazon they are constantly changing the requirements and the honest truth is that usually these changes a delight to make the barrier to entry harder and not easier for example in Amazon turned the personal peer category from an unrestricted category to a restricted category and in Amazon changed it so that you are a new Amazon FBA seller that you could not seem to in your first ever shipment into their warehouses during the fourth quarter and in of course they made it so that you had to upload proof of your national identity 
when you were creating an account but here is the thing if you have been selling personal care items prior to the restriction changes in then you would have been grandfathered into the program and the if you were an established Amazon FBA seller then you would have had no problems feeding in shipments during the fourth quarter and of course if you had already created an account prior to your account creation change process well then you wouldnt have to upload any of these extra documents they do sometimes still ask for them but thats only if they think that your cart is suspicious my point here is that the sooner you do things like creating an account the easier it is so do not wait X now and dont be put off restrictions 
what these restrictions do is they make it harder for illegitimate sellers to be selling on Amazon which means that there is less competition out there for legitimate sellers like you for pick your Amazon business model of course before you get ed you need to pick a business model to perfu 
when creating your new Amazon business the most popular of these include drop shifting private labeling retail arbitrage and wholesale selling and each of these business models has its own pros and cons and its important to go and research them so that you can pick the one that is right for you for example private labeling has many advantages one of them is that once its set up it requires very little time to manage because of the fact that Amazon is fulfilling orders for you now lets contrast that with drop shipping know you dont have to pick and pack the item and ship it out to the customer which saves a huge amount of time but you still need to order the item for each customer when they buy it from you on the other hand private labeling has the disadvantage of the fact that it cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars to get ed because of the fact that you need to manufacture your inventory and its fine now lets contrast that with drop shipping
 which has the huge advantage whereby you only have to order each item for the customer after they have purchased it s
o whats the pros and cons pick the right business model that meets your skill set the life balance and your access to resources get a credit card or at least a debit card we sell on Amazon there are fees that you need to pay and Amazon requires that you have either a credit card or a debit card to pay them and when I say data card I mean a legitimate one that you got from a bank you cannot use a prepaid Visa or pay on your card now if you dont have access to either a credit card or a debit card do not completely panic you can still create an ecommerce business with just a prepay visa and a PayPal account you can open an aliexpress drop shipping store now its a very different business model but its one that you cant open was just access to those two things if you are interested in the more about their business model then you should watch my free video on that subject how to create our Express drop shipping store with no up money Ill have a link to that video in the video description below but the truth is is that any serious longterm business is going to need access to either a credit card or a debit card ideally a credit card which leads me on to my next point six figure out a plan to manage your cash flow the word cashflow probably sounds a bit intimidating but trust me it really isnt 
hen I say cashflow I simply mean have a plan for how you are going to pay for the items that you were selling this is a crucial thing to plan for because as a new Amazon seller and the site is going to hold your money for two weeks so if your private ladling and your item s going super fast then you need to have money on hand to go and purchase new inventory to replace your stock and if your drop shipping you need to have money to use in the meantime to pay for the items that the customer has ordered 
while youre waiting for amazon to reimburse you now there are two ways to handle this one you can have a bunch of money saved up in advance that you can use during this time period now if your dropship being about is probably fine if you are private labeling then you may need a lot more than that or two you can use a credit card and honestly a credit card is the easiest solution now I understand that not everyone has a credit score that makes them eligible to get the credit card in which case
 what I would say to you is use a debit card in the mean time and make it a top priority to build up to credit score and remember this is a good problem they have it means that youre a super successful seller so dont be put off by this just prepare for it seven check its a category that you want to sell in is restrictive now there are lots of categories that anyone can just come in and sell in such as home and gardening because these categories are unrestricted if you want to selling items and these categories these are graduations you can just go in and selling them without submitting an application but unfortunately there are some categories that are restricted and before you stop selling in them youre going to need to submit an application to do so now some restrictive categories like clothing and accessories have really easy requirements but others like food and groceries has much Tripta requirements to find out 
which categories are restricted and how to become unrestricted in them then you should be sure to watch my free video that Ive created on that subject and Ill have a link to that video in the description below set aside time every day and every week to both grow and manage your new business and finally do not forget to plan to set aside time every week and every day to both grow and manage your new Amazon business you need to set aside time every day to manage orders and to do things like answer emails an hour a day should be more than enough especially in the beginning but make sure you make time for it and make it a priority so for example if you come home from work every day and youre really tired you dont want to do it to make sure that you get up an hour earlier every day so that you can use that time to manage your business you also need to set aside time every week to grow your business if you dont want it stagnate and this is kind of 
what weekends before growing and running a business while youre holding down a fulltime job is not easy but its a rite of passage that basically every business owner has to go through at some point and trust me when I say that the rewards are well worth it thanks for watching this video if you liked it Id appreciate gave it a thumbs up and subscribe to us here at wholesale Fiat for more great videos like this and if you have any questions be sure to ask them in the comment section below here at wholesale history admittedly gets a lot of questions but we try to answer as many as we can and if you would like to your own ecommerce store but you dont know how you should be sure to download our free ebook how to make a month online with structure things youll find a link on how to download this incredible lifechanging ebook in the video description below '