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WillNE reacts to the FUNNIEST old footballer tweets


win as one ea sports fifa sponsors saturday social yeah lets move on to our next segment now were trying something a little bit different now partly because weve got will and specs who are some of the most notorious twitter users in the uk but also because theres been some legendary tweets sent by footballers over the years so today were gonna run through eight of the best i want you guys to guess the missing words within the tweets youve got your pen and your paper ready i believe wills got a whiteboard as well that could be probably paper but i mean this might hang on oh whats he got dont get dont get booked here theyll get booked its good i mean you could you could but i dont recommend picking it up i love it look at this the effort that was already completely superb superb as well as i dont know if youre aware but there is a forfeit this is probably my favorite part of the whole game actually well have to send one of the tweets that we are showing from their twitter account now the winner whoever wins this quiz will get to pick which tweet that we see the loser has to tweet out are you both happy with that thats fine okay all right lets go lets get straight into it then uh the first one here is an iconic tweet from delhi alley back in he says adele might set fire to rain but who can make campfire under water all right so im looking for a person to fill that blank write it out then i can see i need i need some left field answers here its not the easiest one ill say to open it up says back in dele alli was much younger back then this could even have been it is like mk dons days i believe uh not an awful lot of likes and favorites im judging it wasnt at top them at that point right okay are you ready hang on ive ive sacked the whiteboard off thats bill oddie why yeah hes gonna use the nature guy well he used to love nature i thought if anyones waiting okay i can reveal the actual answer was delhi allie tweed adele might set fights around but spongebob i was close a very young daily ally back in the day tweeting about spongebob but neither of you are right there and i think bill audi is is already kind of the worst answer of the day what feeling we have to move on now guys were gonna have to move this on a bit quicker with your answer so question two straight into it is wayne rooney ill be honest we were spoiled for choice with wayne rooney because there were some absolute belters from him uh down the years what has wayne really found funny ill give you a clue its a character slash film so character slash film were going to rush you now you either know it or you dont i dont think you need too long to think about it something something funny this is back in likes got to push you guys can i have your aunt please wills panicking no i know it im going to kick myself afterwards i love how much this means to willamey look at this oh these guys Applause no messing about the next one was sent by victor wanyama who has also had some utter belt um he put i had blank and it was very nice i enjoyed it what was the blank retweets this is a bit of a cult classic now dont need much time on this surely both of you ill count you in three two one reveal it what have you got spec stop cheating space is cheating you might not be right i can reveal that the answer was in fact i had spaghetti and it was very nice i enjoyed it so i will take a one nil lead will man will inspect were gonna go with one of our favorite footballers to follow everyone loves peter crouch and crouchy has had some genius tweets in his time weve picked this one so here he is look at this thousand likes will you be proud with that light count peter crouch summer for me is about time with what is obviously pictured with giraffes but what is the missing word or phrase crouch sheet is on about here its currently one nil to will suspect you need this my friend uh youve got everything wrong so far specs just to reiterate reveal will has gone the family oh skex has gone wives lets see if either of you are right this is the answer oh family is correct Music were having that right obviously just just going to get some confirmation specs we do not accept your answer we do accept will it is two nil to will it goes into a bit of a bit of a leader joe all right next one this is probably my favorite of the bunch it has to be said its sent in by michael owen hes also had a category of tweets picked from but he says here watched blank ever film on the flight home must have been bored hates films michael owen says not a big fan of hollywood uh all right ill give you a couple of seconds on this one because you know it is michael owen and hes had a a myriad of tweets not the most engagement on it has to be said but what what are you thinking right im going to count you in three periods give us a second oh well get on with it we got to be quicker im good im good im good got it specs yeah im gonna go for it all right three two one lets reveal shark tail two the mask oh right okay i can tell you youre both wrong the actual answer is watched my eighth film ever onto my home must have been bored hate films hes only watched eight films and this tweet came after retirement as well so like late 30s 40s i reckon love that joe two things i love about that is that hes years old hes only watched eight films and he hates every genre of film everything was completely different michael owen hates them all right lets move it on to ashley cole now this is my favorite of the lot oh see if you can what is missing here so youre missing somebody this is a person that hes tweeted saying yo bro its me ash cole im on this thing now yolo hahaha but who its actually cold tweeting id like to rethread this isnt the dna its just for everyone to see whos he tweeting it is two nil will specs you need this my friend who really tweet uh ashley cole thats the question mate right got three seconds mate gotta push you worth a guess someone very famous you ready right three two one reveal um with two questions remaining joe suspects needs to be close to this to draw a level i need this i need these specs all right the next one is wills favorite player um and this one you both should be getting its victor in each of me and its a big old blank he opens up with and then he goes on to say unbelievable support yesterday and great effort by the lads hard result to take but we go again that was after a onenil loss against west ham so you shouldnt need too long on this one because this is this is very famous um have you both got an answer for me well his favorite player nice to open up that tweet he says something before he apologizes for a poor performance theres a few words in there right im gonna count you in three two one reveal it ive gone for you most of all with im a useless donkey i confirm he didnt open with that hey peeps no the answer i cant believe you havent got this actually hes can you talk obviously his er team had messaged him it or something like that and it had all gone horribly wrong and now a very infamous tweet where victor and it should be opened up with can you tweet something like its not good yeah remember that one very clearly but clearly specs and will dont like the last one is all the material because will has won two nil but well do the last one this is tammy abraham way back in popular year for these tweets wasnt it uh people say you are what you eat thats funny because i dont remember eating a what this morning so what is the missing word or phrase that tammy is two words to give you a clue two words if you enjoyed this game specs have you had fun ive been very close with my answers i know that for sure okay gotta push you guys gotta push you stay right sitting down spinning the answers in three two words two two words three two one reveal please subpart number nine oh thats hard thats so uncomfortable rice and peas no it is not rice and peas lets have a look at the answer oh sexy beast people say well you eat thats funny because i dont remember eating a sexy beast this morning that concludes uh the throwback tweet quiz element will i can confirm you have won two nil which means specs as part of the forfeit has to sweep one of those tweets from his account which one would you like him to tweet will you will you do the ashley called drake one but will you actually do it to ksi please yeah right now here we go '