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Facts Not Reported Now - Robert Kiyosaki's Quarantine Updates

 Facts Not Reported Now - Robert Kiyosaki's Quarantine 

okay the next uh tweet i put out was you know
 what happens if the vaccine is proven will it will it save anything no i because i personally believe this pandemic is fake i mean the pandemic is real but the stats are fake and the real pandemic is fear they want everybody so afraid i saw this video of this woman sitting in the stands watching her kids play football or something and this rental cop walked up to her and tasered her because she she didnt have a mask on because she she says hey im sitting in the open theres nobody around me and hes still tasered her so i think its kind of funny in the election thing you know trump never wears a mask and biden always wears a mask you know its thats thats 
what it comes down to but i think the pandemic the numbers are fake and they just jack the numbers up and the fact is most of the deaths are for people over so if youre over you shouldnt be partying in the bars anyway you should be sitting at home knitting or whatever you do but the i just got this book here the unreported truths about covet and lockdown this guy alec berenson is a new york times reporter and he calls it you know he says the numbers are so fake they cant believe you know i mean and i think the real pandemic is fear and theres more control over us but i think the real thing is shuts down the economy and i think the reason the pandemic exists is to disguise the shutdown in the economy how the fed and the us treasury and wall street have ripped this all off so i i im just speculating but as i study this quite up quite a bit but it seems like covet is to cover up for wall street and the banks and the fed its a smoke screen anyway thats thats 

what i think so the problem even

 when they get a vaccine the problem still exists weve never had so much debt in history and this pandemic shutdown you know i think they just printed four trillion dollars in three months you know in then the us definitely the fed only owed billion that was in now its up to trillion and its going to trillion so the sort of vaccine is not going to stop the debt from collapsing and thats really it sounds pessimistic but as i always say all coins have three sides you know heads tails and the edge good the bad and the ugly you know so thats
 why every tweet i i almost every tweet i end with by store and bitcoin you want to get outside the system you know i mean the price of gold and silver will go up and down but you want to get outside the system so um Music i think you know and i just recently tweeted before this after this tweet is i made a mistake and i bought when the when the one golden silver and bitcoin dipped but i think gold and silver and bitcoin are going down even further because
 what happens is when the stock market crashes people will go to cash theyll want to hoard cash as much as possible and what theyll do is they'll short squeeze it theyll sell their gold and silver and bitcoin to get cash so is it a buying opportunity yeah but what they always say is you know dont catch a falling knife well i tried to catch a falling knife and kept falling on me but thats
 what happens i get so excited about this whole thing but anyway the real problem is the national debt a bad economy and a corrupt um you know the federal reserve bank this works for the regime you know that i know that because every time they print money the rich get richer unfortunately every time the fed prints money the poor middle class get poor because life gets too expensive you know look at low inc the bill the low income property in los angeles county today is like so its going to cost california government thousand dollars to build one one bedroom apartment for one homeless person i mean the price is so high so wages have not gone up but the price of real estate has gone through the roof so is that good or bad well it depends if youre looking for a house its bad news if youre you rent rental properties like i do its good news but its all again what rich dad stands for is financial education and knowing assets from liabilities and market going up in the market going down so the future is very bright but the economy is in horrible shape so thats

 why your biggest advantage is to be informed aware and cognizant 

whats going on there was a guy named um john maynard keynes and everybody and we were in the keynesian economy kensington economy means every time the economy gets trouble they print money well keynes changed his mind but our schools never stopped its marxist you know keynesian is marxist we just give people money so when cain said i changed my mind i said why is it because the facts changed but our schools havent changed i still think its the reason trump is attract attacked why theres continuous negative news on cnn uh why my trump signs are stolen every night uh why theyre raising taxes on the rich is because were going to a marxist economy i think you know marxs economy is very simply robin hood they want to take from the rich and give to the poor so these politicians talk to all the piss not poor people who are homeless or unemployed underemployed just lost their job not getting the stimulus checks their 401k is wiped out and they say well vote for us the liberal left and get rid of trump and i think thats whats going on im not saying who to vote for but im saying just be aware of whats going on so well call silver and bitcoin go up i think its over long term but in the meantime itll probably go down too and thats why you need to pay attention so thank you for that '