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how it was? SpaceX's Crew Dragon returns home with a splash

SpaceX's Crew Dragon returns home with a splash

Applause this is the dawn of a new era and spaceflight and those of us that have been involved in the business over the past years have been feeling this momentum build ignition you actually have one special passenger flying and her name is Ripley you can actually see her sitting there in the live views we have from dragon zero and liftoff the final liftoff of Atlantis shoulders of the Space Shuttle America will continue the dream Ripley will be gathering some very important data for us in advance of our first crew missions Music and we have motion you see dragon physically separating from the International Space Station am Central Time the International Space Station statute miles over sedan so those parachutes do the initial slowing and then theyre alternately going to pull out the four main parachutes responsible for really slowing the spacecraft down Applause earth is now back home and you can see on the screen two fast words rating out for the capsule so its absolutely amazing when you think about the destinations that we can go to and commercializing lowearth orbit really opens up the possibilities not only for NASA but for industry Music '"