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Meet the diverse astronauts flying SpaceX's Crew-1 mission

this will be your first time flying to space so youre technically a rookie here how do you feel about having your maiden voyage be on this new spaceship and how does your family specifically your four children feel about it well you know i am thrilled just the opportunity to go to space is amazing and so to be able to go on a vehicle thats built by this great company and and specifically in california where im from uh not far from spacex headquarters actually is just a treat and as a test pilot a former test pilot being able to fly a new vehicle is really a dream dream come true and i will say that uh my kids are really thrilled by it i think my kids love nasa they really love spacex i just theyve got a great culture and the marketing has been great so my kids are really excited about it what have you learned from bob and doug you know who were the first crew to fly in crew dragon just a few months ago about the journey and the flight theyve given us both technical information as well as daily life information and and the daily life stuff is are the things that you will not get in a classroom uh learning about a vehicle things like the sounds that youre gonna hear on the dragon its always important to know what to expect and so we theyve talked a lot about that i think one of the most important things they told us is that the vehicle does fly like the simulator so that is really good its a testament to all the work that went into both building the spacecraft and the simulator so um we have a good idea how the vehicle is going to fly now you and your crewmates have named this space capsule resilience can you tell us a little bit about that name choice this has been a tough year for the entire world and theres been a lot of resilience shown throughout the whole world and so our hat is off to everybody the people that made this possible the people that are going through tough times and still surviving and just looking ahead of what resilience can do uh for the future what does it mean to you to be a black man and an astronaut at this moment in our countrys history you know im not immune to the the things going on in the world right now from the physical uh insecurity that many people are feeling to the economic insecurity and i will say this the overriding feeling that i have is that i want to go up there and do my job well and then come back and tell a great story about a great mission and a great team so that people have something to look up and look forward to and it is a challenging time but you know thats what teams have to come together and do put the best people forward and and show what we are capable of when we work hard we work together the first mission demo two was filled by two veteran male astronauts but this time you know its more of a mixed bag you have a rookie a few seasoned veterans an international partner and yourself a woman so how do you anticipate that diversity in the capsule impacting the mission i think it makes our crew that much stronger we weve known each other for years weve worked together for years and having diversity of backgrounds diversity of approaches diversity of training just makes the team that much stronger and i really think you know a lot of people are focusing on this and we have an incredibly diverse team but this is this is the goal this is how we want to fly space flight from here on out we need people of all backgrounds we need all international partners it just space flight is a diverse endeavor and so were just a reflection of that '"