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now. Elon Musk on Millennials and How To Start A Business

 Elon Musk on Millennials and How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business people want to be more like you and therefore the fate of humankind I think it would be great to have more Elon Musks so what do we need to do to become more like Elon I think maybe sounds better than it is yeah I mean honestly like like theres a friend of mine hes got a great saying about creating a company which is creating trying to pull the company and have it succeed is like eating glass and staring into the abyss so I mean what tends happen is it sort of quite exciting for the first several months of ing a company and then then reality sets in things dont go as well as planned customers arent signing up the technology of the park isnt working as well as you thought and and then can that can sometimes be compounded by a recession and it can be very very painful for several years so I think frankly ing a company you I would advise people to have a high pain tolerance and thanks for reminding us that the harsh very harsh and brutal reality of launching a up there is that Elon Musk Tony Stark mystique you know people think you know you are Robert Downey jr modeled his character Tony Stark Iron Man on you its its easy its fun youre a superhero Titan of industry but its really hard its its really difficult and its something that requires perseverance and grit do you fear that maybe an in this generation or the the younger generation that they dont have that perseverance in grit to take on these really tough challenges I think some people do yeah and but but I think it was definitely sure that I mean maybe there are occasionally companies that get created where where theres not an extended period of extreme pain but but Im not aware of you know very many such instances yeah and so but I do think that the the new great entrepreneurs are gonna have everyday and will continue to see amazing companies get built so yeah but I thought I would definitely advise people theres not any company to expect a long period of quite high difficulty yeah but I mean so long as people stay super focused on creating absolute best product or service that really delights their end customer like if they stay focused on that then if you get it such that your customers want you to succeed then then you probably will all right you have to focus on the customer delivering for them yeah make sure if your customers W you will your odds of success are dramatically higher all the entrepreneurs in this were in this room theyre listening to that message and you know were running out of time so this is the final question this is for the budding entrepreneurs in the room who could take an Elon Musk idea and run with it I mean quite famously Hyperloop is a idea that you had to give away because you just dont have enough time to to deal with it what what are the other ideas that you have that you would love to see another entrepreneur just take on and go well I think theres a lot of opportunity in general in electrification of transport so electric aircraft I think theres theres a lot of opportunity there I think in in genetic so its its thats sort of a thorny area but I think thats in terms of solving some of the more intransigent urgent diseases genetics are really key to to solving those something that I think people may be only beginning to look at is establishing some kind of brain computer interface so a brain computer interface yeah at the neuron level so this is sort of in intelligence augmentation as opposed to artificial intelligence and I think that that is that has a lot of potential you mentioned to me this to me yesterday I really had kind of no idea what you were talking about and then I looked up Ian banks neural lace thats right and so its this concept of you know wiring the brain so its either weak dude there could be a brain internet and it could also mean that we can upload our thoughts to the cloud you would never forget anything you wouldnt need to take photographs yeah its incredible I mean its you would never forget anything you would expand your ability to process information to remember information right the denial of service attack happens it can also be used to fight degenerative diseases like Parkinsons yeah absolutely yeah yeah and I think it actually would be quite quite an equaliser as well because I think the the Delta between you know like it would sort of even things out I think you mean humankind it would be there would be no education disadvantage everyone would are ing at the same level yeah so there would be no meritocracy no there would there would be but it would be the differences would be smaller the Delta would be smaller probably Wow and you really welcome that kind of world welcome that you asked for predictions okay the same as references so I mean do I think something like that is likely occurred I think probably Wow yeah well its incredible we could go on and on fortunately have to wrap and leave it that lets lets give it a for yelling that was really awesome thank you so much thank you '