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now How To Start With No Money

How To Start With No Money

thats probably one of the most common questions I get from YouTube that Dan how do I with no money how do I get ed when when I am in high school how do I get ed when Im in my 20s or what should I do have limited resources when you have no money how do you get ed very simple you get a job get a job you need some money coming in to do anything you want to improve your skills you want to fight that book you want to get education you need money right even to survive just to eat you need money you cant just wait around and watch a video and and complain and say oh what should I do do is something get a job I dont care what job it is just get get some money coming in leave it of money nothing wrong with that I was working in a supermarket making women on wage watching like cleaning toilets and and and stockings you know cans on the shelves I went through that period of time whats wrong with that right you cannot just say oh Ive got so much pride Im gonna get entrepreneur get a job you cant even get a job again being an entrepreneur right do that first then on your in your spare time thus I hustle right on the side then you can something on the side now if you have not watched my other videos on high income skills make sure you watch that in that video I talked about the importance of high income skill now what is a high income skill I define a high income skew as a skill that can make you or more per month it is not a business it is a skill set that you can develop that you can sell you can offer to the marketplace in exchange of money you are still trading hours for dollars however your trading hours for high dollars and I give you plenty of examples in that video so Im not gonna go into that here you can go here and watch that so in your spare time youre working your day job whatever it is that you do nighttime you develop your high income skill you saw earning and earning more money when your high income skill lets say hypothetically youre making 2k a month from your job okay to came and ran and in your spare time youre learning and developing a high income skill whatever it is the skill that you choose to develop then as your high income skills producing and making you more money it could be then you can quit your job and now just pursue this photon get it up to the five six 15k a month from there youre making money youre paying the bills right you are eating its a good idea to eat right you are taking care of your family you are you are youve got a roof over your head youre making good living youre a decent living right then from there if you want to you can think about if you want to a business if what is it other options that you can pursue but you need to get to that point per first see the problem is with you guys watching videos on YouTube you see all these people talking about entrepreneurship about business you want to get to this point overnight or you want to get to this point without going through these steps it doesnt work and this paralyze you because from where you are to where you want to go like if youre making no money you want to buy a Rolls Royce give me a break with a on you right you need to go from here lets get a job lets just go from here to here get a job making a thousand two thousand a month from there sigh hustle right high income skill go to two three get to the 100k a year 200k a year now you are at a different place from there you your business right you grow your market yourself then from there you scale with your team you get closer and close and then you do investing now you invest you have your money work for you dont ask questions at this level when youre at this level ask questions at this level and go through this first the problem is with social media that you dont know how to filter you dont know how to think independently and you dont know what is the right advice for you at this given time for you and thats why youre confused thats why youre overwhelmed because everybodys saying different things and you dont know okay whats the right thing for me what is the right thing for you is from here if this is where youre ing or if youre here then take the advice from this and then utilize exactly what Im teaching you go to that next level and next level and then eventually if youre good and youre persistent youll get to hear something but youre not gonna get there overnight so dont dont they dream about all people on Instagram theyre there they are driving this car they go on their vacation theyre living in that big mansion or whatever and youre making like nothing dont do that dont do that with here get that job baby step as long as youre getting closer every single month every single year youre getting closer to your goal youre doing good does that make sense comment below '