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now,The Ultimate Goal For An Investor

 Ultimate Goal For An Investor 

Ultimate Goal For An Investor .hi im kim kiyosaki yes i am the queen of cash flow and welcome to another segment of keys to the cash flow game in this segment were going to talk about the ultimate goal of any real estate investor business owner and that is a thing called infinite roi infinite return on investment as a reminder to explain roi return on investment its very simply the money that you put into an investment the money you put into a business and how hard that money is working for you so if i put ten thousand dollars into an investment and that investment gives me a thousand dollars a year my return on investment is ten percent im getting ten percent back on the ten thousand dollars that i originally put in that is roi that is return on investment and thats where every single real estate investor every single business owner i know thats where we looking at what is our return on investment so thats what a return on investment roi is but 
what is an infinite roi so robert and i have been investing in real estate properties and businesses for many many many years and along with our rich dad advisor ken mcelroy whos also our investment our investment partner weve bought a lot of properties together and ill never forget this one day kenny and robert and i were sitting down talking and kenny said i have a surprise for you and were like we love surprises whats the surprise and he handed over a very large check and im like you smooth talker you i love big checks and so heres what had happened is we had invested in a real estate property that kenny and his partner had it was an apartment building and attached to it was acreage five acres and what we what we did as a group is we developed that acreage and built more apartments so now instead of units we had like units but heres the beauty of it once everything was up and running and the lead in the and the properties the units were all leased out and the property was running very very efficiently and again if you remember the formula income minus expenses minus debt equals cash flow and our cash flow was much larger we were able to go back on that debt piece income minus expense equals noi net operating income less your debt we were able to go back to the banks and say now our property is doing so much better and our net operating income was so much higher
 which is what lenders look at to lend you money we were able to borrow back a lot of money on that based on that property and so that big check that kenny gave to robert and myself was actually more than the initial investment we put into the property so is that making sense so we initially invested money and now once this property was bigger and doing much better we got our original money back and some more but heres the deal so we got our initial investment back we still own the property and we have a healthy cash flow so we have no none of our own money in this property anymore at that point its an infinite roi its an infinite return on investment we have the property we have the cash flow but we have none of our own money in the property and that is the ultimate goal of a real estate investor so an infinite roi does not at the beginning of your deal its something you strategize and you plan and you actually over time create the infinite roi and this is not something that just applies to real estate this applies to business i know many business owners who put their own money into their business to and then over time that money comes back to them 
where whereby they have no none of their own money into their business but the business is still theirs and still throwing off cash flow ultimate infinite return on investment so it was after years of investing understanding new strategies new markets bringing on great partners that the whole concept of infinite return became a reality to us and became our ultimate goal with every investment we have in every business we own so wherever you are today always always always understand the best investment you can make is right here and the more you invest in your financial education the more you play the cash flow game the greater your investment success which can ultimately lead to your own infinite roi thanks very 
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How To START Investing Small 

How To START Investing Small 

hello and welcome to keys to the cashflow game im kim kiyul sake and i am the queen of cash flow and today we have a very very special treat my good friend Mario Soria from Peru and mario has been teaching the cash flow game to thousands of people for how many years over ten years teaching cash flow game ten years and youve been teaching in Peru in Peru in Bolivia in par white and also here in the United States so Mario brings ten years of reallife handson experience as to what happens when you play cash flow and he is a wealth of information and youve seen it all yeah you got a lot of great stories so today what we want to do is share some of Marios reallife experience and some of the distinctions that he sees when people play the cash flow game and from teaching the cash flow game so today what we want to f
ocus on are the opportunities small deals and big deals yes and thats one of the keys to the cash flow game so if you look in the ratrace on the cash flow game theres the space that says small deal big deal this is 
where the cash flow opportunities come from so usually people when they some summit some of them you have to think big but many people go right away for them for the big deals oh instead of instead of so you get an opportunity card you land on small deal big deal you have to pick you pick a card and then you have to choose 
whether youre going to choose a small deal which costs between zero to five thousand more or less okay or a big deal which is set can from six thousand to two hundred thousand so there are pretty large difference between big deals so a lot of people when theyre just ing out and they land on the picker pick the opportunity and they pick a card and they have no money theyre just ing they have no cash flow through and they pick a deal and they go for the big deal why did they do that because its many people think they want to being they have to think be they have to do big things but what they figure out after you know picking some big deals like they dont have enough money they cannot get a loan for that they they dont they havent safe enough cash to jump into the kind of deals so you know what I see especially with the guys ego I got a lot of ego Im gonna go for that big deal because Im the big dog and they jump in and theyre actually they waste a turn on the game because they find out they cant do that deal yes they wish that they were Saturn or sometimes Dave jump in to get a big loan and go to bankrupt the first thing I see a lot of times Ive seen people go bankrupt right away yeah right away so you know one of the keys that we teach at Rich Dad is
 when youre ing and investing when youre ing any type of investment even when youre ing a business small and the reason youre going to small is because theres a ton of learning just like on the cash flow game theres a ton of learning to be done but if you dont take the time and dont get the education then chances are if you dont small if you where the big deal chances are youre gonna make a ton of mistakes and youre gonna lose that money so do you see that happening in the game in a game happens all the time when people jump right away for the big deals they make make that kind of mistakes but sometimes when they go for a small they taking higher and higher steps inside the small deals they make money then after they make I dont know some cash ten twenty thirty thirty thousand they can moving into their big deals and take that experience they learn from the small deals into the big deal right so
 when Robert and I created the cash flow game so much of it is based on our reallife experience so for example when I ed investing in I ed with a little twobedroom onebath house our good part our good friend and partner Kenny McElroy ed with a little tiny condo Robert ed with a condo in Maui we ed small we learn we make mistakes and then you move on to the next deal and the next deal and the next deal and thats what we want to teach in the cash flow game is that you dont want to go for the big deal first because theres two things you can invest you can invest time and you can invest money and
 what happens for a lot of people is they dont want to take the time they dont want to learn they dont want to get their education and in whatever is theyre gonna invest in no theyre gonna take a stock tip from the cashier at the grocery store or their or their relative or their inlaws call and say oh I got this great deal you should come in on it without any education so do not not invest your money first invest time invest time in the education and thats why we created the cashflow game is to get the education to play with paper money fake money so that when you make the mistakes in the game youre gonna be that much smarter for when you go out in the real world and you investing so the key is in the small deal and big deal is to where just small get the practice get experience test how much you can invest how much money you could put in how your emotions feel when youre doing that and then 
when you have that experience move into the big deals its the same with business the same you know we all often say if youre gonna a business dont quit your day job with a parttime business and youve learned that from the getgo from a cash looking when when I was playing the cash flow game I saw you get a profession it doesnt matter if you are a secretary and lawyer a doctor or an engineer you have your daytime profession and when you make your money when you make your investments
 when you your company you your company part time in your extra time with your extra money you making your baby steps you building your wealth one step at a time and you do that with the small deals you dont have to keep your job right away you can at the same time youre having your job in your extra time your investments so just in the cash flow game same in real life theres no quick fix theres no magic pill youve got to put in the time youve got to put in the effort you small you take baby steps anytime Robert and I are gonna learn something new we small so for example if Robert and I want to learn about a new investment product will either go buy a book well go talk to somebody whos doing it well go attend a seminar to learn about it we want to get as much experience as possible as much knowledge and education as possible before we part with our money because you work really really hard for that money so you want that money working hard for you the whole key behind the cash flow board game is you want your money working hard for you so you dont have to work hard for your money so remember with a small deal get the experience get the education work up to the big deals so that you can go from the rat race to the fast track if you like these videos please click on the subscribe button or hit the notification bell so youll have access to more videos of keys to the cash flow game and playing cash flow in real life

The Formula the Rich Use to Invest 

i im kim kiyosaki also known as the queen of cash flow and thank you for joining us for another segment of keys to the cash flow game and today were going to talk about how you get out of the rat race onto the fast track using debt now for a lot of people debt is a four letter word oh my god i want to get out of debt i want to get out of debt well theres good debt and theres bad debt and most people all we know is bad debt and bad debt is debt that keeps you poor it could be the the mortgage on your personal house that you personally have to pay for out of your pocket or a car loan that youre driving every day to and from work you have to pay for that credit cards family vacations things like that thats all bad debt because you personally have to pay for it good debt on the other hand is debt that makes you rich and in the cash flow game we use good debt to get out of the rat race and on to the fast tracked so whats good debt good debt is debt that you use to buy rental property that gives you a good cash flow good debt is debt that you invest in your business and by growing your business that money returns money to you thats good debt so people get very fearful of the word debt but were going to kind of shift your mind a little bit here 
where you can see debt as actually something to use in a very positive way to become rich to become wealthy to get out of the daytoday rat race so now i want to share a secret with you and its a very important secret and this is the formula we all use a very simple formula when looking at a rental cash flowing property before we buy the property this is the formula that we all look at to determine whether we want to purchase it or not purchase it and heres the formula you with income income is very simply rent whether its a single family house a multiunit apartment building the rents that you are collecting thats income then you have less expenses and your expenses are things that you use every day to run the property utilities maintenance upkeep insurance taxes those are all part of expenses now income minus expenses equals what we call noi net operating income now why is that so important net operating income is a really important part of this formula because when a lender is looking at
 whether to lend you money because were going to get into the debt part they look at the noi and if its a good noi theyre going to be more interested in lending you money and thats also the number they use to determine how much money theyre going to lend you so income minus expenses equals net operating income then the big number here minus your debt so debt is a really important part of the equation because the amount of debt you have can make or break a good cash flow deal so the question you want to ask about debt is 
what are the best terms i can get on my debt what is the interest rate whats the term of the loan how much money do i want to borrow because the last line of this simple equation is of course cash flow now can a property have a negative cash flow yes it can and can a property have a positive cash flow absolutely
 which would you prefer positive cash flow or a negative cash flow we want as many positive cash flowing rental properties as we can possibly get because that is one of the key ways to get out of the rat race and onto the fast track and this is the simple formula that all of us use when determining whether to move forward with a rental cash flowing property so how do we use debt in the cash flow board game well in the cash flow game you have these cards small deals and big deals and the debt will show up on real estate deals and business deals so for example heres a condo for sale two bedroom one bath its got an roi return on investment of so heres how its calculated the cost of this property is so youre gonna pay a down payment of five thousand dollars that means five thousand dollars gonna come out of your pocket so fifty thousand cost five thousand dollars out of your pocket you have a mortgage of forty five thousand dollars okay thats your debt and this is why its good debt because that debt is going to give you a positive cash flow after you collect the rents the income you pay the expenses and you pay that debt then youre going to have a positive cash flow of a hundred dollars okay this is an example of good debt this is you spending money and getting money in return so let me make a point here because this question comes up a lot 
when were playing cash flow and there and people say well where do i put the debt on my financial statement in our cards and small deals and big deals the debt the mortgage the loan is already calculated into the number so you dont have to worry about figuring out that calculation its already done for you but i just want to point out that this is where the mortgage the loan the debt the good debt shows up in the cash flow game so one of the main purposes for playing the cash flow game is to change your mindset around some of the concepts of money and investing so i trust that as you play this game more and more you can understand how debt can be a very good and positive thing to use to get out of the rat race and onto the fast track so please play the game often play with friends play with family use the language of money understand the different strategies of investing in the financial statement and harness the power learn the power of good debt so you have your money working hard for you so you dont have to be working hard for your money thank you very much so if you like these videos please like and subscribe and click on the notification bell for further updates and if youd like to find or join a cash flow club please click on the link below '

How to Handle Real Life Expenses

hi kim kiyosaki here and welcome to another segment of keys to the cash flow game yes i am the queen of cash flow i have had that title for many years and i will never relinquish it because cash flow are my two favorite words so today what i want to talk to you about are two spaces on the rat race of the cash flow game robert and i did our best back in in creating this game to make the game as real life as possible to put in the steps of
 what we went through to get from the rat race into the fast track to go from basically having very little financially to being financially free so one space that was very very important to us is called charity we say charity or tithing and we use the word tithing because tithing means so oftentimes we wanted to give or more but also tithing means because 
what they say in the philosophical world of money is if you give a dollar comes back now we dont typically do it to get the money back we do it because we believe in 
what it is we are contributing to so many many years ago robert and i had a philosophy a concept that we lived by and what was interesting about it is at the time we incorporated this we had more money going out and less money coming in so it was a bit of a stretch and 
what it was called was pay yourself first and the rule was this with every single dollar that came into our household no matter where it came from we took thirty percent off the top we called it the three piggy banks ten percent went into one piggy bank which was savings percent went into another piggy bank which was called investing and the third was charity or tithing so for us its very simple the more you give the more you receive and weve received a lot weve been very very fortunate and weve its always been part of our philosophy to give back so oftentimes people ask us hey robert kim when is enough enough so we love the game of money we love educating people we love seeing the lights go on when people say oh my gosh i now understand im now investing im now in control of my financial life we love all of that and so were never going to stop 
but when we kept getting asked the question when is enough enough we came up with a really great goal so the goal is this we want to continue to give through charity and what we want to do is once at some point robert and i will both be gone but we want the cash flow to keep on giving so our goal and were not near there yet but our goal will be once we pass that every year well be contributing million dollars to charities around the world thats charity thats our goal thats exciting to us and thats 
what keeps us going so the other space in the rat race i want to discuss is called baby now being very transparent robert and i do not have children that was purely a choice but we have a lot of friends and family that have a lot of children and we wanted to make this game as realistic as possible and were talking about income and expenses and one of the biggest expenses in life are your kids so every time you land on baby if your marker lands on baby you can have only a maximum of three you can only have three kids but every time you land on baby and you get a child it adds to your monthly expenses again we want to make the game as realistic as possible now 
whats happening when people play the game and especially when younger people are playing the game theyve never thought about the expense associated with children and so weve had many people especially teenagers high school kids playing the game and theyre like oh my gosh i better i better think twice before having a baby its expensive and so again its not to you know in the world of in the world of rich dad are kids assets or are they liabilities well we say you know in god great spirits eyes theyre an asset but
when it comes to your financial statement they are a liability so my final comment on baby space is especially if youre playing this with your kids and your kids maybe are a financial liability if you educate them about finances if you educate them about investing if you teach them how to be financially secure and independent those kids could easily turn from a liability into your asset and thats the baby space if you like these videos please click on the subscribe button or hit the notification bell so youll have access to more videos of keys to the cash flow game and playing cash flow in real life '