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Oslo Manual

 Oslo Manual

Oslo Manual,Well this is how we come to the conceptual definitions in reference to the theme innovation and for that we are going to take the shoulder manual which is a document edited by OECD the organization for economic cooperation and development and the European community because we are going to take the Oslo manual fundamentally because in that document the basic agreements have been reference to the conceptual definitions of the problem of innovation by as many countries in the world as possible then we are going to be referring to a specific topic speaking in the same language all countries that we agree to take as valid the Manuel Diaz for him Manuel Dios lo an innovation in the introduction of a new o significantly improved product either a good or a service of a process of a new marketing method or a new method organized in the internal company practices the organization of the workplace or foreign relations if one analyzes this definition in detail we will find some interesting aspects to highlight the The first is that when we are talking about product innovation 

what we the Oslo manual says is that it does 

not necessarily have to be a a novel product that is a product that did not exist as such in the market previously but it may be an existing product but which has been significantly improve the best case or the best example What can we propose to understand this is the phone cell phone if one takes an iphone iphone the benefits are the same that is it is a technological device that allows to make phone calls that allows me to send messages that allow you to surf the internet that allow me to obtain images from a box now the improvements that have been made to the model on the iphone regarding the iphone are significant then it is or It is not a business of course it is not that there has to be a product totally new that never existed before so that we can accept base record an existing product that has a significant improvement is also considered an innovation and the other important aspect that arises from this conceptual definition of innovation is that the definition itself implies the classification of innovations because that is we are going to have product innovations process innovations and marketing or merchandising innovations and organizational or purely organizational innovations and the other and the other important definition to consider in the manual of oven is the one of innovative activities because because when they are studies and surveys are carried out in the different member countries of the oecd or the European community well surveys are also carried out on the innovative activities carried out by companies then we have to be clear about how or

 why less a basic consensus regarding what we mean by washing activities and the off manual 

accepts it as a definition of innovative activities when set of financial and organizational scientific-technological operations commercials that actually lead or are intended to lead to the introduction of innovation is to say an innovative activity is not just anything is a set of operations technological scientific or note that they have a component of knowledge science and knowledge and technology and they detail and highlight them in this way because until years ago for example in all innovation surveys carried out in the countries they took as innovative a company that had email and today a company that does not have email or does not have a presence in the network is practically a company that no yes then times are advancing and that is why it is good to always go back to conceptual definitions agreed by as many countries as possible as is Manuel Díaz '