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The kids running successful businesses who say you can too | Sunday Night Teen Millionaires |

  The kids running successful businesses who say you can too | Sunday Night Teen Millionaires |

running successful businesses who say you can too its a big day ahead there are deals to close a business to build and above all else money to be made behind the wheel of this brand new series for BMW isnt unlikely selfmade millionaire but this savvy entrepreneur isnt on the way to the office hes off to school Jack Bloomfield is years old and boy is this kid going places Im not school captain not a prefect not some special individual thats been primed his whole life to a business just just a kid with a dream they got ed and made made at work made it work with money he earned all by himself on himself no help from parents no help from mom and dad no jack isnt Australias only school yard millionaire hes part of a bold new generation thats rewriting the wool books on how your mother is on staff yes so you her boss I guess so and when you make your fortune your age doesnt matter and should never be a barrier they dream big outside the classroom some would even say in spite of the classroom you walk into a classroom and announced that youre gonna a business the answer youre gonna get is oh thats great how can we help no it should get laughed at or youre not smart enough you dope enough money you dont have the right qualifications wait till after University and all that other stuff which for anyone who you know if youre and trying to put yourself out there to a business to be told that you cant do it its just crushing and youve got nothing behind you to stand up on your own two feet and dont know I want to this now and for a lot of kids they just get shot down before they can even some very strong views from our high achievers about the education system later but first the education of Jack Bloomfield in business can be traced back to this home video recorded by his dad okay here we are with Jack Bloomfield a director of roll transport Jack was years old dressed up as the boss of his own imaginary transport business he was very young and he wanted to tell me about his business I did very successful business I worked earns a lot of money thats about it so I pulled out the old camcorder and and he dressed up in a suit and his tie and they sat in the big chair and um I asked him some questions whats your profit forecast for all I got are good Amis you should get all the best assistant theres no just makes me laughter today but now I look back on it when everyone looks back on it its like what the hell youre eight years old which is yeah and hes young very young I eight years I didnt even know I was great maybe go yeah yeah great yeah so I mean yeah it was yeah pretty surreal you were very driven from a young age yeah sounds like a very impressive business Jam well all the best for your business and we wish you all the best for the future you must have known in that hes going places yeah you know or he wants to get he wants to go places yep mark and Melissa Bloomfield run a Tennis Center just outside Brisbane its where as a youngster Jack picked up his first lessons in business which he quickly put to work blowing yes every single fifteen year old weve got no money we have nothing behind us so I was like okay how can I make some money next door was gonna pay me bucks to mow their lawn dad is gonna pay me so us like which launch should I do theres so literally every single time that it was like a millimeter longer than what it should have been was over there mowing the thing trying to get money you know selling lolly bags at mom and dads tennis centres trying to just do anything that I could possibly do to go ahead and get any money to go and reinvest into what I thought could actually make me some more money and why were you so transfixed with getting ahead at such a young age but I think it was I always just wanted to do something more you know I I saw you know from you to think about what youre gonna do after school you know the question gets dropped well what are you thinking of doing after grade and so I looked into it and the idea of after school what was a go to university off with a really low paying job work your way out for years until you finally get a or and then living the good life and I was like dont want to make that long arm how can I do something now it genuinely scared me its scared Jack enough to take action his first online business was selling gift cards then at the age of he designed the website that keeps all the medical data in one location but his biggest money owners of five online stores he buys in bulk and sells pretty much anything that will make a profit from bowties made in China to iPhone cases made in South Korea five ecommerce stores you have now yes and multiple different ones always shifting always changing we go off a product of essentially whatever selling and what servers hot youve always got to be on the ball for looking whats coming whats next and whats looking for the future what you turn over look so this weve certainly done more than million dollars in sales and tell you that now yeah how I get the specific spot a year oh yeah you know a little months yeah and for me at you know years old I would never have thought two years ago that Id be at a point where Im at today and that point is carefully balancing being an entrepreneur with finishing year at high school and a lot of people work from home that you you work from school pretty much yeah cause Im here from April so essentially running the business from my bedroom in the classroom to back again and you know its an uphill battle trying to fit in school business homework sport all that other stuff and you know trying to become a try and be a normal theyre all at the same time if you could print that off by today normal is not a word thats a good fit for Jack and his parents couldnt be prouder very often people look at us and go oh well you must be part of that business you must be drive again were not thats important for people to know yeah yeah yep its that child has to be the driver of it and it has to want to do it supportive parents also played a big class in the success of Ally Katinas at the age of she developed a boutique skincare business that recycles used coffee grinds into facial and body scrubs and how did you get the idea I had been making coffee scrubs as like presents for friends and I was using coffee grinds that we just had at home and so I was just messing around with the formula and I also knew that there are a lot of people that do go to coffee shops and say can we use your grains so that we can you know repurpose them in some way at home so hang on you were what is in your brain thats telling you this is a good idea and I can make money from this I think had always been told growing up that whatever I wanted to do I could do it and that you know mom and dad would be there to support me and help me figure that out about one in the glass supporter and now work for her Allys star employee is her mom its very fun to be able to work with mom cry and you youre obviously making enough money to to employ your mom still waiting for that payroll right Ive said to it Im cashing in now in The Boathouse comes Ill have the dogs in the boathouse no boathouse just yet but Ali is confidence there will be wonder and how are you feeling about your exams on Monday its just so much studying to do an essay writing so I am a little stressed but balancing life as an entrepreneur with being a year student is more challenging than Ali ever imagined the HSC is a very stressful time but you know Im using it as an opportunity to see what I can do after school and what I can do with my future and what new directions I can take the business in or new ventures that I can continue to do outside of school once I am you know in the real world and then it becomes kind of my fulltime job working for myself its Ali from freedom and your only items yes just turned youre talking like a year old zero am i right inside that youre Australias youngest female CEO I am Not sure I know that what a nobody okay yeah no I dont either and you must be very proud I am its been a joy to watch and Im just really happy to see what and where she goes with the next step forward and other young girls that follow suit they are the generation of school kids who decided to play by the own rules building businesses from the playground up what each of them have in common is they pursued their passion I really want to have a restaurant back when I was yeah seven it was like my dream seven yeah for year old Morgan hip worth his passion is food especially desserts so basically back when I was seven I just ed watching TV shows and I was like you know what if they can do it I can do it so everywhere cannot cook threecourse meals for my family and friends I give them just like rate the dishes out of ten I print out full menu cards and everything so do that every weekend for about two or three years then when I was a ten and eleven I ed doing cakes and stuff for family and friends birthdays every weekend I reckon I would cook ten cakes five five batches of cookies like it was ridiculous Morgans family and friends were more than happy to tastetest the young Chefs latest creations each week it was a massive list of you know ingredients that he wanted and and off hed go and it was a challenge he was determined he was going to make whatever that dish was and I understand like the neighbors were invited around for dinner we then came a perfectly timed trip to a local cafe I was and we just got chatting to the owners as we were paying the bill and they were like you seem to know about food and then theyre like oh were just looking for a new cake supplier and maybe bring some in and we can sell them all I was kind of like oh yeah why not thatd be really cool and before I knew it I was supplying this cafe with all their cakes every single day so before I knew ya there was orders coming in while still going to school Morgan kept baking and shaking during nights and weekends he knew if he was ever going to make it he had to back himself and open his own bakery next mint we know and he had booked a shop Eden High Street winter hed gone to school and in his lunch break he had already got on the iPad and he had gone through all the real estate agents and hed approached them they probably thought they were talking to her yearold hunter and how old was he then he was you nine this is Morgans first independent retail shop a socalled popup store because it was only going to be open for eight days cost me about six grand to get the whole popup ready to go but Im opening that door and I was like is it only gonna turn up be frying up after those eight days we saw ten thousand Donuts it was just hectic we were going to bed most nights at am getting back into the shop at am and my cousin helping my auntie helping it was just all hands on deck for those eight days it was it was hectic Morgan was on a roll and while other kids might have used the profits for a new skateboard or surfboard Morgan wanted a shop I was like I was happening with the shop after we leave I dont you know I was like I cant see anyone else being in my shop its my shop so Morgan made an offer and a few months later opened bistro Morgan this counter is usually full of donuts its looking pretty empty at the moment he just finished year ten was launching a new business with a staff of six and school was about to get a lot more serious I remember like thinking what am I got myself into I own BC busiest cheese in my life coming up trying to run this store that was happening going back to school I was like well Im at school the shops open Im not there like it was a weird feeling yeah thats cool did you ever have moments at school where you thought this is all a colossal waste of my time nearly every day I remember being quite miserable at school in terms of just like am I here this is boring I didnt want to be there for a lot of year and but I had the feeling in my mind that I finished years of school what was another two just to get that HSC and get it over and done with and out of my life Morgans parents were worried that hed either burn out or drop out he said look Im not sure I want to complete mom and dad and I said look we prefer you did and well try to support you on a time basis not a financial basis so we get some of these decorate it Im gonna do creme brulee if you can do Cookie Monster please Elly is now one of her sons employees how is how is having your son as your year old son as boss yeah we have our days no generally speaking its pretty good hes lucky hes got a fairly easygoing mum your mother is on staff yes does that mean youre her boss I guess so we um we never really like how does it work say it has its days I wouldnt argue a lot but every now and again you know you have you days when you around someone so much it happens but technically at the shop I like to think Im her boss she tries til to tell me clean this through this do that I like hang on its my shot remember yeah yeah and Morgans shop has been doing very well it supplies doughnuts to cafes around Melbourne and hes turning over about half a million dollars a year at this point in my life its Ive just finished school last year Ive got my own business working for myself I can choose my own hours turn that point living my dream Im just looking forward to whats gonna come next anything youre doing here you learned at school or on the job mainly on the job I cant say they taught me how to make donuts at school no Morgan and there are other high achievers have strong views on how the education system discouraged the entrepreneurial spirit some of the teachers were always just like you know stop it dont do it dont you know its not worth it youre gonna fail you know throwing those stats you know its four out of five businesses fail in the first year or whatever the stats are extraordinary abilities in sport swimming athletics things like that thats often embraced by schools and they really love it whereas business and stuff its not really seen as the norm so I think some schools just dont know how to handle it yet the only school subject I found really really practical and helpful has been accounting English English yes history no no man masses okay um science no not indolence and what about Business Studies no that was probably my least helpful subject Ive ever done it was so impractical the stuff we learn in business management was I would never use all right Thank You Ellie what else Southern Christian Leadership Southern Christian Leadership Conference okay I think there are so many skills that Ive learned through entrepreneurship that are so much more beneficial and that if they were incorporated into education would you know actually help young people leave school and feel like they know a little bit about what to do or what the next step is to take the word entrepreneurship in the world school system they dont gonna go together its never been said before they dont go together theyre seen as two different very separate things and if you walk into a classroom and say hey I want to a business I can guarantee youll be laughed at no matter what school you go to its a view shared by one of the worlds most outspoken and popular entrepreneurs gary vaynerchuk its me mother its me the bestselling author and social media mastermind believes the education system as we know it is no longer relevant especially for entrepreneurs its outdated globally its outdated global the internet made it outdated because information is a commodity and the school system was built on memorization of information with so many people watching this will say hang on you need a university degree to fall back on fall back on what yeah every companys not requiring a degree to get hired to anyway the greatest companies in the world Amazon Google are no longer requiring degree anyway so what are you falling back on it growing up how often were you told not of the time I wasnt a good student I wasnt good enough athlete I was trying to sell stuff from the age of six and thats just one big game of no all three of those things so no is the framework of my life no is an entrepreneurs best friend when they said no Gary found a way to say yes his first business was selling lemonade on a street corner then he hired other kids and opened up seven more lemonade stands now to support the original hustle you know what I mean as an adult she opened an online wine library and launched a TV show about wine hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Wine Library TV then gary built an international social media and ad agency please put your hands together and welcome to the stage the CEO of vaynermedia gary vaynerchuk his business today is worth nearly million dollars and his business advice is left up by over six and a half million Instagram followers what do you say to that young entrepreneur whos at school not enjoying it once too late but what do you say to them enjoy the vacation because youre gonna work the rest of your life too dont be a hypocrite if youre such a tough guy or gal stop taking mommy and daddys money if youre such an entrepreneur go buy your own iPhone practicing now the quicker a child gets off a parents payroll the more likely they will be happy in life and being happy in life while getting paid for doing something they love is probably the best measure of success for any young entrepreneur if I could just live off a base salary and do it out doing up that how cool is this like I love life right I think its just cool doing what you do and loving it honest theres no point doing something dont like it if youre in a job and youre hating every single day do something else yeah before its too late exactly right you '

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