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This concrete traps CO2 emissions forever ||Climate Change

 This concrete traps CO2 emissions forever | Mission Ahead

you wake up in the morning youre in contact with it you go to bed there and then as you eat sleep plate throughout the day youre in contact with concrete so everything we see here is pretty much concrete exactly all the buildings have concrete in it the roadway has concrete everything you see theres concrete in it somewhere but concrete has an admissions problem the energy intensive process of making concrete releases massive amounts of co2 into the atmosphere its main ingredient is responsible for of global co2 emissions but what if there was a way that instead of releasing carbon dioxide concrete could trap it forever theres a reason concrete is everywhere at Thomas concrete in Atlanta its their business there is no material that will do the same thing this concrete you cannot have the same type of strength levels you cannot have the same type of durability I mean it is the second most consumed substance on the planet after water right concrete is a mixture of rocks sand water and most importantly cement to bind it all together but cement has a huge carbon footprint one pound of cement releases one pound of co2 emissions its the second highest industrial source of co2 on the planet but without cement concrete doesnt hold up skyscrapers all right so this is whats different about your operation here this is kind of the brains of the bees theres this silver tank is the newest thing in concrete its called carbon cure this innovative system injects carbon dioxide into the concrete as its being mixed when the concrete hardens those otherwise harmful emissions are sequester forever before they ever even reach our atmosphere Kristy Gamble is part of the team behind carbon cures technology we actually convert the co2 into a mineral its a stone its getting trapped in the concrete forever and the best part about it is that the mineral itself actually improves the compressive strength of the concrete thats right the real selling point here adding co2 actually makes a concrete stronger that means producers like Thomas concrete can use less cement in their mixtures and still achieve the same strength less cement equals fewer emissions compression tests like this one prove that the concrete made with carbon cure is just as Hardy as the traditional stuff you go to any major city right now theres construction happening all over the place exactly if were able to reduce of the carbon footprint of the concrete industry thats a significant change from where were at right now ultimately if this technology was deployed across the globe we could reduce about megatons of co2 every year and thats the same as taking a hundred and fifty million cars off the road every year seems really far offering that doesnt it if youd asked us years ago if carbon neutral concrete could happen we would have said theres no way now we can actually to see a path its not going to be easy its going to take the concrete industry changing the way they do things carpenter says about concrete plants across the us and Canada use its technology right now thats a fraction of the estimated plants in the US alone the concrete industry is very slow to take on new change and innovation and its understandable because they work in an industry where quality is everything the implications of sending concrete to sites thats not up to quality could be catastrophic ultimately it all comes down to the bottom line companies pay to use carpenters signature system and have to buy co2 from a factory where its admitted but they save money by using less of their most expensive ingredient cement at the end of the day the costs actually equal themselves out really well we understand that in order to make environmental impacts you have to make business sense its an environmentally friendly business model their client Thomas concrete has embraced the begin with I was a skeptic something to use something different and it was so different than what were typically dealing with that that was the key the industry as a whole has always kind of looked at trying to solve todays problems with yesterdays technology which doesnt really work weve kind of took the mindset if we want to solve yesterdays problems todays problems and tomorrows problems with the best technology that we can get our hands on today this is what solving tomorrows problems looks like this building behind us is all built using carbon pure concrete thats right its thousand cubic yards of Thomas concrete made with carbon care technology welcome to Ponce de Leon Avenue a story million dollar development in the heart of one of Atlantas trendiest neighborhoods and every inch of concrete you see is infused with co2 its the largest structure Carbon cure has ever worked on so how many pounds of co2 savings are we talking about here in this building right here its going to be over million pounds of co2 if we can pretend that these were trees it would be the same as acres of forest sequestering co2 for a year Wow through its work on this building and many others like it Thomas concrete says it has been able to prevent million pounds of co2 emissions since installing carbon cure technology at plants but theres still a long way to go Im at the point now where anytime I see concretes being made I see it as a missed opportunity to save co2 emission and so it really drives me and it drives the company to keep going on our mission maybe itll take years maybe itll take years maybe something crazy will happen itll happen in five years but were ing to see that process Music '