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Tips for business owners who have reached the age of 30 and over

Tips for business owners who have reached the age of 30 and over

Tips for business owners who have reached the age of 30 and over

There are many tips that Muslims follow to improve their business and make them comfortable and make them among the happiest people on the face of the planet Earth even if they are not a mother of the owners of great wealth.

First advice

You should eat healthy vegetables - fruits - milk and its products - meat - fish, and avoid starches and sugars

Second tip

Always drink water, even if you do not feel thirsty or need it, the biggest health problems and most of them are lack of water in the body

Third tip

Play sports, even when you are at the height of your preoccupation, you must move the body, even if it is only by walking or any kind of sports

Fourth tip

Reduce the food according to the son of Adam to make his crucifixion

Let the excessive food cravings do not deprive yourself of but limit portions

Fifth tip

As much as possible, use the car less, and try to get on your feet for whatever you want

Masjid shops visit anyone or any target

Sixth Advice

Avoid getting angry, let go of the upset, try to turn a blind eye

Do not get yourself involved in all the disturbing situations that lack health

Seventh tip

As it is said, leave your money in the sun and sit in the shade

Do not limit yourself to yourself and those around you, for money was made to live with it, not to live for it

Eighth tip

Humility, then humility. Money, prestige, power and influence are all corrupted by arrogance and vanity.

Ninth tip

If your hair is grayed, this does not mean the end of life.

Rather, it is evidence that a better life has begun to be optimistic, live with remembrance, travel, enjoy yourself with halal

'Last tip'

Never leave your prayers, for it is your winning card in this world, and one day neither money nor children will benefit except those who come to God with a sound heart