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Business Ideas - 2 Top MUST SEE Small Business Ideas Secrets | Home Business Ideas

Business Ideas - 2 Top MUST SEE Small Business Ideas Secrets | Home Business Ideas guys welcome to this video Rhys G here again stop and give me two to three minutes of your time youve landed on this video because youve searched home business ideas or small business ideas because youre looking to get in the industry or youre currently in the industry and youre a bit confused it can be a bit over
Whelming I know Ive been there so get a pen and paper out Im gonna cover the two hurdles in this industry and how you can overcome them how I overcame them okay so this video is not gonna be a pitch view on the idea of the homebased business industry you already have that entrepreneurial spark because youve searched this youve searched business ups or business ideas small business ideas so you really already have the right mindset to be in this industry Im not going to pitch you on the escaping the rat race escape the mind to fight fire your boss more time freedom more time leverage travel the world we all know the benefits of this industry and its ever growing Im not going to do that
What Im gonna do is give you the two tips that I found
When I ed my own business just the year ago the hurdles that I got through and hurdles that you will face and how you can overcome them easily so the first obstacle is picking a vehicle actually coming up with that idea for the business there are so many methods these days guys so many vehicles you can choose direct sales multilevel marketing network marketing internet marketing the list goes on and on and on you need to choose the right vehicle and it needs to be scalable
What I mean by scalable you cant trade your time for more money like the average person the average michael person if they want to earn more they have to work more so you have to choose a vehicle
Where it can be scalable weight and grow your business without getting all the negative effect of trading your time for money thats the first one choosing a vehicle and thats
Where most people fail of people fail in the homeless industry because they choose the wrong vehicle to with the second problem is marketing and this is
Why a lot of people come into big hurdles they dont they have an idea they think its brilliant theyre looking forward to doing it and spending the rest of their life doing this homebased business traveling the world making all this money but they dont know how to market efficiently these days guys theres no just statistics out there everything is turning online we know that people shopping online for their food for the groceries even for electricals
Whatever everything is gone online marketing is changing guys and marketing a business efficiently
Whatever business you choose you need to have an online presence and so many people get stuck right there a perfect example of how I market my business
Which online this video right here for example minutes and seconds is taken me I can guarantee Im going to get thousands and thousands and thousands of views to this video for the search terms business ideas or home business ideas Ive done the work once Ive shot this video once done a tiny bit of editing uploaded it onto the internet and its going to generate me hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of views thats a perfect example of scalable marketing do the work once and constantly get attention to that piece of marketing so that those are little tips guys little tips I learned six months ago so let me tell you
Why I was one year ago before the six months one year ago I was struggling probably like you are now searching for home business ideas I couldnt find a vehicle I didnt know how to market I ed searching on the internet much like you are now we both have that entrepreneurial spark and I came across this methodology of system of how to reverse engineer things reverse engineer
What successful people are doing and just copy them I found that I saw that link and is looking at that link on the Internet Bing throbbing click now click now I took action thats another thing guys taking enough action many people fail of people probably fail because they dont even get their business idea off the ground so I took action I click that link and Here I am now advice one year later lifes completely changed living the home business lifestyle so guys theres a link below this video click that link now and he taken to a twohour presentation by my mentor my mentor
Who taught me all of these tactics how to leverage your business how to come up with a vehicle how to come up with all these business ideas and how to market its a free training is two hours long guys I urge you click that link now go see
Whats about if we dont like it you dont like it if we do itll change your life so go ahead and click the link now and I see you on the other side so guys all you have to do is come over to the description click this link right there and youll be taken to that video so go ahead and click this link now and Ill see you on the other side '