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Businesses impacted by new COVID-19 statewide restrictions

Businesses impacted by new COVID-19 statewide restrictions as the pandemic roller coaster continues to take local businesses for a ride the new the states new rules brought a different kind of friday night to downtown syracuse the city of syracuse working to serve up some extra help for restaurants heading into the winter news channel 9s kate douglas has the story driving up and taking out already a huge hit for possibilities the communitys been very good to us as far as takeout goes so thatll be very busy so they already have a head adjusting to take out only after pm we have always done it right up until nine but now i think
What we might do is we might just be offering those folks that are calling to maybe grab a table at nine oclock you know we might extend those hours of take out so that certainly does help and to help central new yorkers warm up to the idea of eating outside during the cold winter months the city of syracuse is dishing out some options like domes parklets and portable patio heaters once that snow s to hit i think that we got to move them in i think well do them a favor and get them inside so i think getting that vestibule making sure that theres safety no congregation stuff like that is going to be big for us thats
What were really kind of using that guidance for finding new ways to keep the kitchen running the food flowing and restaurants like possibilities open this winter kate douglas newschannel kate thank you the city also also opening a winter round of grant funding through the syracuse economic development corporation thats to help businesses buy the equipment they need to safely stay open in these coming months '