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Don't Start A Business Until You Watch This

Don't Start A Business Until You Watch This listen to me dont a business until you watch this you see people on social media on Instagram on Facebook you see the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur you see the car that they drive it driving the Ferraris all theyre driving a Bentley or you see the vacation spots you see their home you see their house and you see the life that they have and you say to yourself I want that too so
What Im gonna do Im gonna a business just like them well are you ready do you know if youre ready to be an entrepreneur here are five warning signs that you may not be ready to be in business for yourself just yet number one and that is dont a business if you have no money thats correct you heard me right dont a business if you have no money if you need money coming in like you need blood in your vein dont a business
Why because it takes time for business to mature to generate profit if you think youre gonna a business and youre gonna make money in the next two weeks four weeks a month thats an employment allottee isnt them its an employee you get check two weeks you get check by the end of the month as an entrepreneur that doesnt happen you might take you six months it might take you a year it might take you two years most business owners dont make a profit until many many many years in in the mean time
What are you gonna do you still gotta eat right you still have to pay the bills if you have absolutely no money right now
What do you do you get a job dont a business because a business takes time and it takes effort and it does take money to grow I always say take care of your cash flow needs first before youre worried about building an empire take care of your income first second warning sign is this dont a business if you dont understand the industry I always ask this question before you any business and that is and Im asking you right now
Whyd you and
Why now if your answer is all I just want to make some money youre gonna fail
Why you and
Why now
What qualifies you to be in this space right now not
What just saw on Facebook oh that sounds like a good idea this person this guy is making so much money doing this I should jump into that to know
Why you and
Why now in order to make money in any industry you have to understand the industry if you dont know the industry first you have to learn the industry lets say you want to go open up a restaurant now Im not saying thats a good idea but lets say you want to open up a restaurant well isnt a good idea to just go work at a restaurant see
Whats the daytoday operation like
What Id like to to work in a restaurant before you open up a restaurant so you have to know your industry one inside number three dont a business if you dont have stamina I mean that mental toughness to endure pain many years ago I had this conversation with my mentor and he asked me the question Dan
What do you think is the number one quality of an entrepreneur and I said many many things I said talents and I said team and I said a good idea I said many many many things and no he said the number one quality of a successful entrepreneur is this and that is the ability to endure pain for a long period of time didnt talk about the Ferrari didnt talk about the big house paying for a long period of time is that you
What are you willing to give up
What price are you willing to pay to accomplish success to build your business I could tell you any successful entrepreneurs that I know almost all of them experienced pain for a long period of time before they accomplished even just a little bit of success everybody wants to talk about the glamorous side of entrepreneurship no one wants to talk about the dark side are you okay to be able to endure pain for a long period of time
Where those nights you cannot sleep the nights
Where you dont know how gonna pay off that debt are you okay with that having that responsibility heavy heavy response on your shoulder warning sign number four and that is dont a business if you want more free time thats right if you a business you think oh now I could quit my job then nine to five five days a week now Im gonna be an entrepreneur Im gonna be a business owner then now Im gonna have freedom you are dreaming you might have freedom after working so many years maybe a decade then you will have some freedom the first five ten years you aint getting okay you first of all youre getting paid last you pay everybody else before you pay yourself so if you think youre gonna get rich quick doing this know
When youre running your own business theres no ninetofive comment below if you are a business owner if youre an entrepreneur if you agree with me comment below lets wake people up let them know theres no ninety five theres still nine nine it is on your mind
When you take time off youre not really off you know
What Im talking about youre thinking about your business youre thinking about to get more customers youre thinking about your team you thinking about your employees youre thinking about the cash flow problems you have and youre not gonna get more time because in the beginning if you dont have those business skills the learning curve is steep it takes a few years just to get a sense get a feeling and try to find out
What works in your business to crack the code right being profitable and from there to grow theres still a long long way forget the forget the five days a week its seven days thats a life an entrepreneur and if you dont love it and if thats not in your blood and you one is so bad youre not gonna do
What it takes youre not gonna make those sacrifices because its too damn tough one inside number five and that is dont a business if you dont know how to close period I dont care
What it is that you do you want to get customers you got a close you want better terms for financing you got to close you want better vendors you got to close you want partners to help you to promote your business you got it close if you dont have the ability to close anyone anytime if you dont have that closing mentality and you dont have that closing skill youre not qualified to be in the business period I dont care
What it is that you do I dont care
What industry youre in I dont care
What products or services you sell you need to be able to close so those are the five top warning signs so after all that if you say you know
What I still want it Im willing to pay the price then click a link below or here and here and I invite you to join me for a special training Im gonna teach you the number one skill that you need to make a business successful the number one skill that you need to be a successful entrepreneur doesnt matter
What state youre in even youre stuck at this point how do you break through and go to the next level you need this number one skill so click the link below and Ill see you in class '