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Jeep® 2021 | Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Reveal

Jeep® | Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Reveal

Jeep® | Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Reveal Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in today i want to talk to you about the jeep brand our past our present and our future and
When you enter into your 80th year there's a lot to say so let's get ed our 80th anniversary is more than just a date on the calendar because jeep is more than just a brand on any given day on every corner of the globe you'll find jeep vehicles bringing joy to their owners automotive or otherwise jeep is one of the most iconic brands our history is deep and rich but more than that you'll find a community of people
Who has an uncommon bond between their vehicles and themselves?   
What other brand has drivers that greet each other with a wave and now our community is taking it to the next level with ducking you've seen this right simply put jeep owners are writing messages on little rubber ducks and leaving them on other jeep vehicles all just to spread goodwill but
What I love most about this is that it didn't come from corporate it came organically from jeep fans its as authentic as our vehicles for years we've been the goto vehicle for capability adventure and rugged offroad freedom with millions on the road today and as Americas longest lasting SUV brand were still proving our prowess the gene 4x4 that I stepped out of is a Willys it was the vehicle that ed it all born to serve the MB or GP as it was referred to was developed to aid our military it was rugged capably and it quickly became a staple on bases every
Whereas service members returned home the willies came home with them the CJ or civilian jeep is
Where the jeep brands love affair with fun offroad adventure began and you don't need me to tell you that that passion still burns strong today this passion feeds from our customers and inspires our teams the people
Who plan design and build jeep branded vehicles we carry that same passion inside of us too that collective passion has been built into every jeep branded vehicle over the years let me share with you some of my favorites the cj this postwar vehicle was the launch of an icon built for American life then Cherokee or xj it made its well-received debut in bringing with it the expanded popularity of suvs in right here in Detroit the zj grand Cherokee broke through the glass of the suv scene redefining the standard for luxury capability and safety next up was wrangler jk our 4x4 capability leader
Which gave access to a greater audience with the first four-door Wrangler and im sure you have your favorites too that

Why we don't create jeep vehicles in a vacuum we listen to you our fans and work to deliver

What you are asking for a couple of recent examples first the return of another storied name plate youve seen the concept and the grand wagoneer is headed into production second wrangler by e now the numbers arent in yet but ive personally experienced up to miles on pure electric range and were estimating mpge all
While making this wrangler the most capable ever jeep fans asked for it and weve delivered thats a lot of background on our heritage but
What are we doing today i can tell you were doing plenty first to honor our eight decades were releasing special anniversary editions on every single jeep nameplate these special editions amplify traditional jeep 4x4 leadership our iconic design cues our core values of freedom and adventure and so much more this is a great looking anniversary edition its unfortunate that they're built to be covered in mud water sand snow and even salt as you can see we've taken a single design theme and interpret it in a style that can be seen across each vehicle in the lineup the exteriors feature a premium granite crystal finish on the grill
Wheels and accents the commemorative 80th-anniversary badge lets others know that you're celebrating along with us inside only the best materials are used to create a unique look that's specific to the 80th-anniversary models we've also outfitted those vehicles with the latest technology including our Uconnect radios and no jeep brand celebration will be complete without signaling our legendary capability so we've made our big
Wheels and tires standard across the line if you'd like to see
What we have to offer check them out online or at your local jeep dealership we've done something else this special in our 80th year were including something even more valuable were expanding our jeep wave customer care program to every single vehicle in the lineup wrangler Cherokee grand Cherokee compass renegade and gladiator it includes three years of worry-free maintenance dedicated owner support peace of mind
When traveling VIP access to exclusive jeep brand events and of course access to the best dealer network in the country the program is solid as I said earlier jeep is more than a brand its an institution of culture jeep has earned its trail cred the hard way proving daily that the vehicles live up to their name there's a reason we say jeep there's only one owning a jeep branded vehicle grants you membership into the most inclusive club in the world and we're always looking for new members so for those of you that may be thinking about it there's no better time than now to join the jeep family lets talk about the next years were going to keep doing
Whats brought us to this point delivering vehicles and culture that isn't found any
Where else were going to keep listening to our fans and giving them
What they want after all without you there is no us and now next up is their jeep wrangler that truly sets the pace today everything changes because today the rules of speed have been rewritten no longer are they tied to ribbons of asphalt and slabs of cold hard concrete this is an entirely new kind of speed it goes
Where it wants to go and does
What it wants to do were talking about the power to flatten mountains the speed to shrink continents and the raw capability to blaze a trail any
Where so pioneers take your mark because this speed isn't interested in pit stops it doesn't care about checkered flags and it abides by no rules this speed has a mind of its own and all it wants to do is get dirty faster so so now that's how you make an entrance ladies and gentlemen the jeep wrangler rubicon a jeep vehicle as extreme as this requires an extreme display of capability and power so there you have it now
When we revealed the concept back in July hundreds of detractors said we were just making noise and that we would never produce it others our most loyal fans ed waiting for the day that we would announce it's coming into production well i take great pleasure in saying that the new jeep wrangler rubicon production has already ed preproduction units are running down the line in our toledo north assembly plant a special thanks to our workers in toledo for working overtime to help us keep up with wrangler demand and for helping us keep this special secret until today as the wrangler goes on sale in the first quarter of this is the quickest fastest and most powerful wrangler to ever exist were talking to in seconds and a second quarter-mile time this is all courtesy of a liter v8 engine that generates horsepower and pound-feet of torque these numbers tell a story about capability and performance here's

What else you need to know about the torque nearly of the vehicles peak torque is available just above engine idle speed now this is critical for delivering an exciting performance

Whether its enabling seconds or crawling up the steepest of grades but numbers only tell part of the story wrangler rubicon is so much more than just an engine its an engineering feat from the frame reinforcements to the beefed-up driveline components to increased cooling and heat extraction delivered through the grill of a gladiator dual exhaust and fortified components all engineered to work together this vehicle is unlike anything in the market or the aftermarket and by the way there's still more because wrangler rubicon delivers the best of both worlds powerful performance and legendary 4x4 capability it has greater ground clearance greater approach and departure angles greater suspension travel and greater maneuverability it also has an impressive and a half inches of water floating capability here's how we got there the trail-rated rubicon 392s potent powertrain meshes with a heavy-duty wide track dana axles a final drive ratio torque converter lock-up control a two-inch factory lift inch ko2 tires on inch bead-lock capable
Wheels check out the interior there's a competition inspired leather-wrapped steering
Wheel with thumb bumps and there's a steering
Wheel-mounted paddle shifter that will deliver crisp shifts to help maximize acceleration at launch on the street and give you extra control on the trail and
When you feel that launch you'll appreciate the performance-inspired integrated upper bolsters and the front seats they're comfortable and secure the wrangler delivers the best of both worlds powerful performance and legendary jeep 4x4 capability now if you're looking for something more after you purchase your jeep performance parts will be ready with everything you'd expect and more this includes upgraded axles lift kits and
Wheels to accommodate even larger tires as well as over other accessories that go through rigorous testing and validation only available through their jeep team of engineers wrangler rubicon already had the most airflow of any SUV in the marketplace but rubicon required even more regardless of the terrain or the weather jeep engineers ensured that the wrangler rubicon 392s v8 got fresh air that is critical to its performance a functional hood scoop feeds the engine with cool denser outside air our engineers also created a new hydro guide air intake system that separates clean air from the water and discards these engine crippling compounds this enables the wrangler rubicon to clear deeper water than any wrangler before it up to and a half inches deep even if a bow wake washes over the hood now should the hood scoop become blocked with snow mud or debris the wrangler rubicon can still reach its top speed thanks to a secondary air path within the hood structure now
While you're appreciating all the power and performance that's in this new jeep wrangler I also want you to notice a couple of other things a unique desert bronze set of accents and an exhilarating unmistakable v8 sound and its not fabricated through the speakers it's delivered through an all-new dual-mode exhaust that will help you quietly escape from the suburbs and it will be unmistakable on the trails with electronically-controlled baffles i think this is the best sounding jeep wrangler ever
When creating this new vehicle we decided to resurrect another enthusiast favorite feature half doors and this isn't just for rubicon these are factory orderable options on all wranglers ing now at jeep were continuing to redefine open-air freedom the jeep wrangler rubicon will deliver an all-new level of driving excitement and customization one that combines performance on both the pavement and the trails paired with wrangler being one of the most customized vehicles in America now you will have an unbelievable choice of powertrains from our proven v6 our 2liter turbo 3liter eco diesel our new 4xe electric hybrid and now our new v8 our authenticity is not only driven by years a badge or a name but by you our driver's drivers
Who pour their weekends into customizing their vehicles riding trails crawling over rocks conquering mountains going fast in the sand or leisurely cruising down the beach with a top off driving any
Where life takes you well we build jeep you make jeep and we appreciate each and every one of you so here's to the next years of freedom adventure authenticity and passion that you can only get in a jeep vehicle thank you very much you 'Jeep® | Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Reveal
Jeep® | Wrangler Rubicon 392 | Reveal