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Movability grants for businesses
Movability grants for businesses lets talk about traffic solutions the pandemic certainly has changed how some of us travel more people are walking or even riding their bike our candy rodriguez found one group that wants to help businesses implement features that will help keep people out of their cars movability is launching a new program called go grant the transportation management association is offering business owners up to five thousand dollars in grants for those
Who want to incorporate infrastructure that promotes walking riding bikes or even riding scooters just trying to encourage people to get to their employers in different ways and also to the businesses that they that they visit im always looking for watsons covered ways to help the restaurant and this is like this is actually a great way to give back to our customers and our employees and its something that we dont have the funds to do currently those at hillside pharmacy a farm to table east austin restaurant say navigating the cobin pandemic has been tough its been intense its been hard we have you know weve gone from or so employees down to probably eight or nine that are volunteering their time to keep our doors open right now coowner jade plays says thats
Why they applied for the grant they hope to get picked she says they could use a bike rack and a locker for their employees to store their helmets and gear because before the pandemic about a third of her employees would bike to work she hopes if selected this will encourage more people to do the same and possibly draw in more customers but just you know everyone likes to complain about the traffic in austin you know and this is a perfect perfect way to help with that business owners have through november 30th to apply in austin this morning candy rodriguez kxan news well this program is new and those at movability say they are working on a way to measure the programs success right now theyve decided theyll give business owners half the grant money and once theyre able to track the progress owners will get the rest as a reimbursement '