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now How to Get Started with Investing

 How to Get Started with Investing

How to Get Started with InvestingRight so lets say you want to get ed with this investing thing You might have a bit of money saved Its probably not enough for a house but you reckon I should probablyninvest this in something Maybe youve heard on the news about Tesla or Netflix or Amazon and how if youd invested years ago in Tesla then youd be a millionairenby now or things like that But if youre new to the game this
Whole investment thing can seem like a reallyncomplicated black box Like how do you even buy a stock What even is a stock Do you just go on teslacomnand buy some Tesla like how does it work chuckles And if you try and look into this you get all these acronymsnbeing thrown around like Roth IRAs and 401Ks in America or like ISAs or LISAs in the UK And on top of that there is the anxiety that we all have that Inknow investing is risky and I dont want tonlose all that my money So in light of all of thatnthis is the ultimate guide on how to get ed with investing It is the video I wish I would have had five years ago

When Infirst ed investing in stocks 

and shares And were gonna cover this by thinking about investing inn10 different bite size steps So the first one is forgettingnabout investing completely and just thinking
What happens to my moneynover time by default And if youve studied economics you will know that your moneynloses its value over time Thanks to something calledninflation bubble pops Inflation is generally aroundnabout the mark And so that means that everynyear stuff costs about more than it did the year before For example in in America a cup of coffee cost of cents But in that same cupnof coffee costs a That is inflation in action And so lets say youvengot a thousand pounds in your hand right now And for the next years you just stash it under your mattress And you never look at it again in years time your thousand pounds is not gonna be worth anthousand pounds anymore because everything would have increased by 2ish every year So the value of yournmoney will have fallen And so if you put your thousandnpounds under your mattress for years you willnlose money over time And this is obviously not good Even if you put your moneynin a savings account like these days a savings account willngive you like interest
Which means your moneyngoes up by every year But because inflation is up by youre still losing money over time And again this is not good Okay so that begs the question
Which is key point number two
Which is how do we stop our money from losing value over time And the answer is that if we had a hypothetical savings account one that was lets saynan interest rate of that would match roughlynthe rate of inflation So inflation meansneverything goes up by in terms of price But our money in our savings account also goes up by each year Therefore were technicallynnot losing money over time If youre watching thisnand you have an issue with the word interest dontnworry stick to it for now investment is not the same as interest but well come back to that a bit later But the point here is that we dont just want to not lose money
Which is
What happens at our rate We actually want to make money And that brings us onnto question number three
Which is well how donwe actually make money Now lets go back to ournhypothetical savings account If hypothetically we couldnhave a savings account that was giving us a interest rate this will never happen becausenthats just way too high But hypothetically if it did that means that everynyear wed be making of the value of the moneynin our savings account So for example if I werento put a hundred pounds in a savings account right now the next year it would be worth And then the year after it will be because its of then the and then it would be something And this would verynquickly compound so that in years time my poundsnwill have become pounds And if we adjust for inflation that our money is still worthn206 pounds in years time this is pretty good We have more than doubled our money by just putting it in this hypothetical 10ninterest savings account And it really doesntnseem like it would do that because feels likena small amount of money But if you extrapolate over years you actually double yournmoney
Which is pretty awesome Sadly these hypotheticaln10 saving accounts dont really exist becausenits just way too high and real life is not that nice These days most savingsnaccounts in the UK and I imagine around thenrest of the world as well offer less than a savings rate
Which means youre actuallynstill losing money over time But we do have other options to try and get us to this magicalnNirvana of like you know this saving thingy And that is
Where investments come in So point number four isn
What is an investment And the answer is that an investment is something that putsnmoney in your pocket For example lets say you buy a house for a hundred pounds and you want to rent it out to people There are two ways thats an investment There are two ways yourenmaking money from it Firstly lets saynyoure charging some rent to the people living in your house Lets say youre chargingnthem pounds a month That becomes pounds a year And so every year yourenmaking pounds in rental income
Which is of

What you originally paid for the house 

That means that in years time youll have paid off the an100000 pounds that youve put in because youre making 10K a year And beyond that every yearnyoure just making pounds in pure profit So thats pretty good But secondly its an investment because the value of the house itself would probably rise over time In general there is a trendnin most developed countries that house prices tend tonrise over the longterm And so your house will probably be worth more than a hundred thousandnpounds in years time And in fact in the UKnhistorically in the past some people have said that house prices have doubled every years So maybe your house is worthnclose to pounds And so youve made moneynoff of the rental income but youve also made moneynoff of the capital gains
Which is
What we call it
When an asset increasesnin value over time But the problem is that buying a house is a little bit annoying You need to have quitena large amount of money for a deposit You need to get a mortgage You need to actually have the house You just sought out the rental management rent it out to peoplenall that kind of stuff If only there were a way of investing without a having a largenamount of money to with and b without havingnto put that much effort into managing the assets as well And that brings us onnto investing in shares And for me basically a hundred percent of my investment portfolionis entirely shares I have a tiny percentage innBitcoin and I own this house but I dont considernthis house an investment Ill talk about that in a different video Therefore number five is
What are shares and how do they work So buying shares probably as close as were ever gonna get to this magical savings account that just returns somenamount of money each year And the idea is that
When you buy a share you are buying a part ownership of the company thatnyouve got the share in For example lets say the Apple have a particularly profitable year because lots of people have well iPads as per my recommendations and because Apple are feeling kind they are choosing to pay out a dividend to their shareholders So for example they might say that theyre gonna issue andividend of a million pounds and thats gonna be split evenly amongst
Whoever owns shares in Apple based on how many shares they own So for example if younhappen to own of Apple you would get of thatndividend that theyve issued So of a million poundsn
Which is pounds obviously no one watching thisnactually owns of Apple unless Tim Cook youre watching I dont even know if you own that much because that would make younan extremely rich person because Apple is a very valuable company but thats basically hownthe dividend thing works A company decides to issue a dividend as a way of returningnsome of its profit back to the people

Who have invested in the company And therefore you makenmoney through dividends 

the second way of making money from shares is sort of like with houses in that you get thencapital gains over time So for example lets saynyou bought shares in Apple in at the time thosenshares were selling for each So yoUSpent onnbuying shares in Apple As of October Applenshares sell for So your shares are nownworth just by the fact that you only paid 90nfor them years ago Okay so weve talkednabout
What a share is and how you make money from them And at this point, youvenprobably got a few questions like how much moneynyou need to get ed or how risky is buyingnshares in a company And I promise were gonna get to that But point number six is hownthe hell do you buy a share in the first place And this is
Where it can kind of get complicated because its not as simplenas going on applecombuy and just buying a share in Apple It doesnt quite work like that Instead you have to go throughn
Whats called a broker And back in the day anstockbroker was a physical person usually a dude
Who younwould call on the phone and say Hey Bob Inwant to place an order for some shares in Apple And then Bob would typesnand stuff into his computer or a place like a paper order And then you would own shares in Apple Thankfully these days we dontnreally have to talk to Bob because theres loads and loadsnof online brokers instead And so you make an accountnon an online broker and then you can buy sharesnin a company through that A bit annoyingly every different country has their own different brokers that operate in that country Because to be an onlinenbroker in a country you have to abide by likena zillion different laws And so in the UK the systemnis different to the US
Which is different to Canadanand Germany and so on And the UK for example most banks do have their own onlinenbrokerage type things So with most bank accounts you can also open an investment account with them and then invest online But usually the interface is a bit clunky Its a bit old fashioned And so youre usually better off going with an online broker In the UK the two that I usenare Charles Stanley Direct and Vanguard but beforenwe get ahead of ourselves and make an account onnVanguard or
Whatever we need to understand a few more things And so question number seven is how the hell do I deciden
Which shares to buy And the easy answer to that is that you actuallyndont want to figure out
Which shares to buy You do not want to buy individual shares And Im gonna tell you anlittle bit more about that once Ive had a haircutnso see you shortly All right So new hair Ive gotnmy Invisalign braces on So Im gonna sound a little bit different but
Where were we Oh yeah we were talkingnabout
Why its not a good idea generally speaking toninvest in individual stocks And Im gonna do a videonabout this some other time but essentially the issue with investing in individual stocksnis its kind of risky Like yes if you investnin something like Apple chances are its gonna benaround years from now But historically therevenbeen quite a few companies that people were like Ohnmy God this is amazing This is the thing to invest in And then that company went bust So youre automaticallynexposing yourself to more risk if youre investing in individual stock also in general like its easy to say hey Amazon grew 10X in the last years Therefore its gonnancontinue to do the same for the next years But thats trying to predict the future And the past is no realnindication of future performance And so the advice that most people would give for beginners is that you should notninvest in individual stocks You should invest in index funds And this is
What Graham Stephan one of my favoritenYouTubers also says as well He says The index fundsnare the best safest and easiest longterm investmentnstrategy for most people Which begs the questionnpoint number eight
What the hell is an index fund So theres basically twonbits to understand here theres the index bit and the fund bit lets with the fund bit And a fund is basically
Where investors will pool their money so multiple investors wouldninvest in the same fund And then that fund wouldnhave a fund manager And the fund managerndecides
Which companies the fund is gonna invest in For example lets saynI were managing a fund and I called it Gringotts andnlets say a hundred people from my audience decided toninvest in my Gringotts fund I as the fund manager cannsay okay the Gringotts fund now that we have a hundred peoples money lets say its a million So everyones invested million each Ive now got a million Im gonna put of thatnin Apple in Facebook in Amazon innTesla of Netflix in Johnson and Johnsonnall of that sort of stuff And so you the investorndont have to worry about this because you trust me and my fund Gringotts to manage your money And as you know the fund performs well because the prices of thesenstocks and shares increases you get the returns and I takena or management fee So I make a load of money because Im earning orn2 off of this a million that Im managing and youre not worrying about having to pick stocks yourself You trust me as a seasonednprofessional to do that for you So thats
What a fund is Now the index bit refersnto a stock market index And so a stock market index would for example be the FTSE
Which is the a hundrednbiggest companies in the UK or the SP
Which isnthe biggest companies in the US or the NASDAQ or the Dow And these are all differentnindices of the stock market And if we use the SP for example these are the components of the SP So we said its the 500nbiggest companies in the US So number one is Apple andnApple makes up of the SP Microsoft makes up 55nAmazon makes it Facebook has Alphabetn
Which is a Google makes and is about of the total SP And essentially wevengot these companies if you go all the way down Oh Ralph Lauren is but chances are youve not really heard of many of the other onesnat the bottom of the list but chances are you've heard of most of the companies towards the top of the list So the SP is an indexnof the US stock market And if you look at the performance as a
The whole of the SP 500nyou get a general idea of how the US economy is going as a
Whole So this is currently
What the SP looks like and if we do a five year time horizon in fact lets go max So you can see the SPn500 ed in And since that time this is
What the us stock market has been doing So as you can see therenis a general trend upwards but for example in 2000nthere was a bit of a crash in famously therenwas a bit of a crash And earlier this year
WhennCorona was first ing to be a thing there was a bit of a crash but then the market basically immediately recovered after that Okay so we know
What a fund is ie a way of pooling money And we know
What the index isnsomething like the SP
When you combine thosenyou get an index fund
Which is a fund that automatically invests in all of the companies in the index And so with me for example basically all of myninvestments all of my money is in the SP
Which effectively means that of my investmentsnare in Apple in Microsoft in Amazon innFacebook in Google in Berkshire Hathaway and so on So
Why is this good Well its good for a lot of reasons So firstly index funds arenreally really easy to invest in A big problem thatnbeginners have to investing its like well how the hell do I know
Which company to invest in How do I read a balance sheet How do I do any of this stuff If you invest in an index fund you actually dont have tonworry about any of that Secondly index funds give you a decent amount of diversification There are all sorts ofncompanies in the SP So youre not entirely reliant on the tech sector or the oilnsector or the clothing sector or anything to makenthe bulk of your money You are very nicely diversified across all these US companies Thirdly index funds have very low fees So because its not a realnperson
Who is deciding
What to invest in andndoing all this research and trying to make loads of money is essentially a computer algorithm that automatically allocate your money based on the components of the index fund The fees for those are really low And one of the main thingsnabout investing for the longterm is that even a slightnincrease in your fees is gonna massively impactnyour financial upside And so for example annindex fund with a fee is so much better for you than an actively managed fund
Where a fund managernis charging you even because the longtermndifference between fees and a fee is sort ofnabsolutely astronomical over the long term And finally if you look historically and you know technicallynhistorical performance is not the same thingnas future performance but if you look historically very few funds have managed to actually consistently beat the market ie outperform the index And in fact someone likenWarren Buffet famously says that if you gave him anhundred thousand pounds and asked him to invest it right now he would just invest in annindex fund like the SP And in fact in Warren Buffet challenged the hedge fund industry to try and beat the market He said that hedge fundsnare a bit pointless because they charge way too high fees and they dont actuallynget the sort of returns they claim to get And so he set up this year bet
Which this company callednProtege Partners LLC accepted
Where Buffett said that he was gonna bet that the index fund outperformednthe actively managed fund And he ended up winning that bet and sort of gave lots of money for charity or something like that But that just sort of goes to show that its really hard to beat the market with an actively managed fund Basically no one can predict
What the market is gonna do in the future And therefore if younhit your ride on index ie youre gambling on the entire market rather than thinking you know
What Ive got some amazing insight that Ill know exactlyn
Which stocks to pick that are gonna beat the market You might as well hit yournride with the
Whole market rather than individual stocks Okay so weve sorted out the problem of
Which stocks to invest in by completely circumventing the problem and instead justninvesting in index funds The next big question people usually have about investing in stocks andnshares is the amount of risk And that brings us to point number nine And the argument usuallyngoes as follows that Hey okay cool This investing in stocks and shares stuff It sounds kind of interesting but my uncle Tom Cobley invested lots of moneynin the stock market And he lost a lot of money And my parents have told me that investing in the stocknmarket is a really risky thing and I shouldnt do it And I should instead invest in real estate because real estate is safe That is usually the sort of thing the sort of idea that peoplenhave about investing in stocks And naturally there is the anxiety of
What if I lose all my money So lets talk about that now So if we take a step back the only way to lose money in anything is if you buy a thing and then you sell it for less than you actually bought it Like lets say you boughtna house for pounds and then Brexit happens the next day and the house prices plummet And now your house is only worth At that point if youndecide to sell your house then yes you are losing money and youve lost pounds Equally the only way tonreally lose money in stocks is if you buy a stock at a certain price and then you sell it fornless than that price So for example lets saynyou bought shares in Apple on the 18th of February And lets say you bought one share
Which time was and cents And because this is yournfirst time in investing you keep on looking at thenprice of the Apple stock because every time are you thinking oh have I made money have I made money And really annoyingly for you you see that over thennext kind of few days a few weeks Apple stocknis actually going down And then on the 18th of Marchn2020 you decide screw it Im gonna sell my one share on Apple because I dont want to lose all my money And you sell it for anmeasly price of And so you technically lost because you bought it at in February and youve sold it for in March Then you think damn Ivenlost of my investment This stock market thing is BS Im never gonna invest innthe stock market again and you call it a day And this would be a very bad thing to do Because for example if wenlook at Apple stock price in March it was but if you just heldnonto your one Apple share in that time
What is it today Its the 8th of October Apple is now trading at So if you just held on for a few months you would actually made a lot of money You would have bought it atn79 and within I dont know eight months it would now be worth Thats a pretty good game And so the real lesson here is that
When youre investingnin stocks and shares and also
When youreninvesting in real estate these are longterm investments Ideally you shouldntnbe putting any money into stocks and shares that you need to accessnwithin the next five years And actually a lot of peoplenwould extend that to years And its exactly likenthat with house prices its like if you buy anhouse as an investment and then the houses house prices go down it would be completely stupid of you to sell the house unlessnyou are absolutely desperate for the money becausensomething major has happened And instead if younjust held onto the house then you would have madenmore money in the long run because in the longtermnhouse prices always go up and in the longterm basically the stock market always goes up and thats a bit of it cannbe a controversial statement It is true but Im gonna make a video at some other pointnexplaining
Why its true but for now take my word fornit that over the long term the stock market always goes up But having said that againnthis is a longterm thing And so for example ifnwe look at the SP and look at how it was inn2008 at the financial crash right in its 1500nper bit of the SP And then the crash happensnand then by
What is it February its down to So basically of thenvalue has been wiped off of the SP Now if you bought it in 2007nand you saw it you know get a crushing and crashing and crashing and then you sold
When it was Now youve lost a lot of money because you bought high and you sold low But if you just held on it took lets see tonJune its at 1500s it takes about up until So it takes about five years for it to get back to its normal level And even if youd investednlike just before the crash and then your investment plummeted by if you would just held on youd have bought innat the SP at And right now it would be So since
When he first investednover the last years the SP has more than doubled So you would have morenthan doubled your money provided you did not panicnsell
When the market crashed Now hypothetically could thenmarket crashed down to zero and therefore you willnactually lose all your money Yes it could but if the us stock market crashed literally to zeronie all top companies including Apple GooglenMicrosoft Facebook like literally every companynin the top in the SP all of those got destroyed overnight And the stock market crashed to zero The world would be in somensort of mega apocalypse and youd have a lot morenserious problems to worry about rather than the value of your portfolio of stock market indices on Vanguard In that scenario innthat doomsday scenario money would stop meaning anything and youd be using money to wipe your bum because money has no value because the stock marketnis completely crashed Its basically unfathomablenthat the global economy could be so completely wrecked such that every singlencompany goes down to zero In my opinion and again you know Im not a financial advisor This is technically not financial advice
Whatever that means but in my opinion its unrealistic to think that if I put my money in stocks and shares I could lose all of it Theres basically no way yourenever gonna lose all of it provided youre diversified If you invested in I dont know Myspace in and
Whatever it was and then Myspace crushes andnthen youve lost all your money because you know they have no money but if you invest in the topn500 companies in the US or the top companies in the world or the top companies in the UK it is so vanishingly unlikely that you will ever lose your money That I dont think that is a risk that we should even be thinking about So realistic worst case scenario yes investing in thenstock market is risky in the short term but if youre investing in the longterm the market will always go up and you will always end upnmaking more money in the long run provided you dont have to take money out at inopportune times Okay so at this pointnweve established that investing in stocks is very good and investing in index funds is a relatively safe way of doing this The next question is usuallyn
When should you get ed Like how old do you have to be Is it ever too soon to Is it ever too late to And here the answer is pretty simple And basically all investment advice agrees with me on this front Theres a very good websitencalled The Motley Fool foolcom and they have annice article explaining this Basically you should ninvesting as soon as possible It doesnt matter how old you are It doesnt matter how young you are The earlier you ninvesting the better There are three caveats though for like sensible financial advice Firstly you wanna make sure that all of your high interestnie credit card debt is paid off because
Whennit comes to compounding even though gains compoundnlosses compound as well And so if youve got likena credit card debt thats eating into yournbottom line every single month you want to pay thatnoff as soon as possible Point number two is that you want to make somensort of emergency fund And people usually say thatnyour emergency fund should have in cash basically three tonsix months of living expenses so that if you lose your job or if youre hit with some kind of incredible medical emergency and youre not in the UKn
Where medical care is free or youre in the USnor something like that then youve got money to do that And you dont have to takenmoney out of your investments And caveat number three is that you dont want to putnany money into stocks that you think you might need to use in the next three to five years So lets say youre and youve just landed your first job And youre thinking of getting a mortgage and buying a house and younneed money for the deposit Do not put that money into the SP or into any kind of stocks and shares because no one can time the market And no one knows
Whether we might you know there might bena market crash tomorrow All we know is that in the longterm the stock market goes up but if you need to buy a house next year there is absolutely no guarantee that that money will stillnbe worth exactly the same or worth more this time next year So it provided thosentwo conditions are met Like firstly you have no highninterest credit card debt And secondly youve alreadyngot your emergency fund And thirdly youre notnplanning to gonna have a major expense in the next few years At that point absolutely everyone should be investing somethingninto the stock market In my opinion
Whether youren12 or or or or it doesnt matter And as they say on the market floor there is almost no way your future self will regret making the decision to invest And as you know at this point this is because of compounding The more time you leave yournmoney in the stock market the more it compounds And there is a huge difference Theres like lots of interesting numbers about this on the internetnthat people have calculated that if you ninvesting at the age of versus if you investingnat the age of or it makes such a hugendifference to your bottom line That basically as soonnas you watch this video and hear about investingnyou should investing provided those three conditions that we talked about are met All right so were nearly there Now were point outnof
Where we said okay you sold me on this ideanof investing in index funds All of these three conditions are met I dont have a highninterest credit card debt Ive got my emergencynfund or Im a student And therefore my parentsnare my emergency fund and Im not planning to buy a house or a big thing in the next three years The next question is usually how much money do I need tonget ed with investing And I know a lot ofnstudents watch my channel and I had a lot of commentsnon Instagram saying Im years old andnI dont have any money How do I get ed with investing And the answer here is again quite easy basically with
Whatever you can For some of these websitesnand some of these apps that you can use to investnin stock market indices You can with asnlittle as or pounds depending on the website You might need to withna pounds or a pounds You can research this and it kind of depends onn
Which country youre in but basically you want to investing as soon as possible And it doesnt matter if its a tiny amountnof money to begin with Firstly its useful toninvest small amounts of money because compounding is always good But secondly and more importantly the sooner you investing the sooner it becomes a habit And so for me for examplenI ed investing in I knew absolutely nothingnabout it before then but I really wish Id edninvesting in like
When I first had my first part time job because a that would have encouraged good financial habits within me I would have kept aside maybe or from the top line tonput into my investments Secondly it would have meantnthat investing became a habit And so I would have known about the fact that stock market indices exist I would have done the research I would have watched videos like this although these werentnreally a thing in And
What Im reallynannoyed about with myself is I ed makingnactual money in like
When my first businessn ed to do very well And between and 2015nI did not invest any money just because I didnt know that you could And I didnt know how and I always kinda thought that Huh Im making money now Its just sort of sittingnin my bank account And I know that inflation is a thing So I know my moneys losing value but I just didnt think about investing and didnt realize how easynit is and that its a thing And so I really wish Id ed investing my real money in but the only way I wouldve done that is if I had ed investing from
When I first ed making I dont know six pounds an hournduring my part time job So again and I cant statenthis emphatically enough Like it doesnt matter if all you have is ansmall amount to invest even if its one pound even if its P The process of making the account and researching onlinenstockbrokers in your country and figuring out how tonactually do this stuff is like the most valuable thing that you could be doing with your time immediately after watching this video And finally point number is okay Im sold Ive got a pounds here and I want to put it insidena stock market index fund How do I actually do that And the answer here is younwant to find an online broker So this will vary massively depending on
Which country youre in because these online brokers as I said have like zillions of lawsnthey have to comply with and financial regulationsnand all this stuff In the US most people that I know use the Vanguard as well And my favorite blogger Mr Money Mustache recommends that as well Although in the US there are also othernservices like Betterment
Which Id bet a few friendsn
Who use that as well Again depending onn
Which country youre in like literally all you havento do is Google the phrase best online broker Germany or best online broker Pakistan or best online broker Indian
Whichever country youre in And youll find somethingnread some reviews Basically the thing youre looking for is you want to be ablento invest in index funds and you want the fees tonbe as low as possible I think Charles StanleynDirect the fee is
Which was the lowest at thentime
When I made my account and I think is still pretty competitive So you want the fee to benlike a really really really small fraction of a percentage Then once youve made your account and verified your identity and gone through all the hoops and stuff
Which sometimes takes a few days and they send you a letter to the post to verify your address like depending on
Whatnthe regulations are Once youve done that then you can just puttingnmoney in here and there And all the friends that Ivenspoken to about this stuff over the last like four years since I first ed knowingnabout investing in things theyve all ed making accounts and sort of making theseninvestment counts for themselves For the first few weeks they all sort of compulsively check their phones to see
What the stock market is doing But then very quickly you realize that actually Im investingnfor the long term here I actually dont give a toss
What the stock market isndoing in the short term I check my portfolio once every six months just cause sometimes Im curious I dont even bother looking at it This is very much a setnit and forget it strategy youre investing for the longterm Your money will magically grow over time provided you dont touch it and think Oh crap the stocknmarkets going down a bit Im gonna take my money because I cant handle these losses Theres loads more to saynabout investing in finance but hopefully this wasna reasonably concise not very concise This is gonna be a long video but well hopefully this was anreasonable introduction to how to get ed withninvesting in index funds If you have more questionsnabout exactly
What to do or anything else about money Do leave a comment in thenvideo description area thing Im still trying to thinknof a name for this series I was thinking I posted on Instagram There were a few options Money talks was quite a popular onenbut thats already a film One that I really liked was Penny Sitting I think I might call thisnseries Penny Sitting that was kind of cool A lot of people said likenfinanceshially financially cause my names Alica financially a few different options I mean the way you think if you have any ideas forn
What this entire series about money and stuff should be called And final piece of advicenif youre in the UK if youre in the UK and youre just gettingn with investing basically go on Hargreaves Lansdown and make a Lifetime ISA A Lifetime ISA is a very good deal You can read more about itnat moneysavingexpertcom within the Lifetime ISA as of you can put up to 4000npounds a year into it And then you can investnthat in the SP
Which is
What I would do If you have more than 4000npounds a year to invest you can then put another 16000ninto a stocks and shares ISA
Which Id recommend doingnon a vanguardinvestorcouk And if you have more than 20000npounds to invest in a year and youre doing really well then just open a generalninvestment account with Vanguard This is
What I do I think it works great Loads more links in the video description to other resources and bloggersnand books and other videos that I would recommend Graham Stephan has an amazing YouTube channel Andrei Jikh does a good jobnwith YouTube channels as well and Mr Money Mustachenamazing amazing blog J L Collins amazing blognwith a Fantastic Stock series that you should definitely read Theres so much to explore in this area and its a really fascinating topic but thank you so muchnfor watching this video Hit the video here ifnyou want to learn about how I make the moneynthat I used to invest Its my video about hownto make money online Thank you so much for watching Good luck with investing Make sure you invest in anstock market index fund Hopefully Ill see you in the next video Bye bye '