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South Bay businesses brace for new restrictions

South Bay businesses brace for new restrictions san diego county moves back into the most restrictive purple tier small business owners in the south bay are bracing for the change restaurants are beefing up their outdoor dining areas to stay in compliance news 8s heather hope has the story restaurant owners say the pandemic has not been easy and now come this weekend forcing to move their business all outdoors theyre definitely having to adjust but say they will still stay in business its always a concern just like everybody else all the other business owners but we adjust rolling with the restaurant punches now in the south bay baja inspired seafood eatery el pruse just opened october 16th we finally got it going forward and we cant stop the
Wheels got to keep turning you know coming saturday these are the only tables we can serve ready to relocate more tables outdoors mangia italiano on 3rd avenue in chula vista is bracing for the big change yet again as things are ing to get back to normal were going back steps and thats killing us adam sparks and his wife have run the restaurant for years serving classic italian dishes like spaghetti he hopes customers will continue to get to go orders and ideally pick them up themselves to save the restaurant on thirdparty delivery fees
Which charge them nearly percent blueberries a location situated on chula vistas historic third avenue riddled with restaurants and breweries and also seeing hair salons and clothing stores closing up shop for good well its tough i mean its been tough for a lot but many arent giving up were just riding the wave of keeping the business going you know thats
What we got to do we got to persevere staying strong together as the painting suggests so this used to be a banker room and now its a private dining room not anymore as the covet pandemic purple tear restrictions will keep indoor dining off limits this is killing us man holidays are wonderful for us we have two banker rooms well thats not going to happen but grateful the city of chula vista has been helpful with securing parking and sidewalk space the worst part about this going outside right now its cold we need shade then we need heaters and its this variation of putting your dining room outside on the sidewalk all the time heather hope news '