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Tucker blasts Mark Cuban's defense of NBA's business with China

Tucker blasts Mark Cuban's defense of NBA's business with China so the la lakers beat the miami heat to win the nba title on sunday night very few people saw this only about five and a half million those are the lowest ratings in the history of the nba by comparison million people watched game six of last years nba finals and million people watched the regular season nfl game on sunday night so
Why is this happening it is a collapse its a disaster
Why well the nba more than any other sports league has completely embraced politics people
Who dislike this country and the chinese communist party the league even printed the word black lives matter on all of their courts like all corporate activism its fraudulent people know that nba owners will complain about police brutality but they cannot bring themselves to condemn say the slavery underway right now in china watch
When it comes to human rights im against all human rights violations around the world china including the ones in china china is not the only country with human rights violations do you condemn the genocide thats going on right now in china all human rights violations
Why cant you be specific yes because the way proclamations work in this country the minute you say them any
Where youre going to use this as a headline cuban says this this and this
Whats wrong with that headline cubing condemns ethnically because i got to deal with the troll but then
Why would
Why would the nba take million dollars plus from a country that is engaging in ethnic cleansing
Why would so basically youre saying that no nobody should do business with china ever they are a customer theyre they are a customer of ours and guess
What megan im okay with doing business with china yeah mark cuban condemns ethnic cleansing
Whod want that headline the pr people would go crazy that was mark cuban of course
Who owns the dallas mavericks it was also a moral coward i guess we didnt know that in that clip he sounded a little bit like joe biden cant say anything could be the headline are viewers ever going to go back to the nba jason willock has thought a lot about this he writes for and helps run outkickcom and were happy to have them on tonight jason thanks for coming on so first just since youve covered this for decades perspective on the numbers on the viewership are these numbers as bad as they seem yeah theyre really bad uh tucker and theres no way to clean them up because and i know theyre competing against the nfl theyre not playing during their normal time slot but they have lebron james
Who is allegedly the biggest star in all of sports hes playing for the lakers the biggest star in the nba and they couldnt draw flies this is a problem so uh
Whats the cause of it i mean i i mean it seems to me like theres a connection between the aggressive politics and the league and declining viewership but i want to be fair and ask someone
Who follows it for a living its multifaceted look obviously kovitz had a issue but theres no denying that this hard lean into an antiamerican sentiment has turned off traditional sports fans just think about the way sports have sold themselves for more than a hundred years or close uh ever since jesse owens olympic american sports have been the ambassador for americana we played the national anthem its a patriotic event this is a total in terms of branding and the way the nba has presented itself and a lot of people are just disconcerted by we used an analogy today on out kick in a very outstanding piece about
Whats going on with the nba just think of disney world
Where they play these games instead of mickey mouse as their brand ambassador cardi b was their brand ambassador suppose a
Who uh women dressed in hooters outfits were strapping mom and dad and their teenage kids into space mountain that would be quite a brand change and would be offputting to the traditional disney world customer base thats
Whats gone on here in the nba though it wouldnt shock me if disney went there so you must know mark cuban everybody knows mark cube i know mark cuban hes not stupid didnt think he was stupid until that megyn kelly interview
Why wouldnt he just say yeah of course im against ethnic cleansing in china
Why is that so hard because china is there number one market that the nba is interested in america is not the nbas priority china is and thats
Why and tucker im not very political at all im just not but right president trumps america first agenda this is
What hes talking about american companies the nba being hijacked by foreign influence this is
Whats happening to our country im so glad its being exposed in the nba because its an opportunity to educate the average american sports band or
Whatever so you can finally understand
What this foreign influence is doing to our country theyve turned a patriotic cultural event into an antiamerican protest in the nba and to some degree the nfl weve got to put a stop to this well especially since as as youre describing it theyre doing it for the benefit of china our chief rival on the world stage i mean that seems really sinister to me its look there china has billion citizens china is spending a lot of money trying to undermine america and american culture this is
What communist run countries do they smear the west in america as racist mean
While they are times more racist than america times exactly yeah this is a pet issue for me a major issue for me because there was a i played football at ball state im a supporter of the school we had a young man arrested black young man former football player arrested in china on some bogus charges spent three years inside a chinese prison costs me and others money to get him home it this
Whole thing of like hey we cant say anything about china but were gonna blast america its hip its hypocritical its dangerous its its treasonous and it needs to stop im going to look up that ball state story i had never heard that wendell brown ill look it up jason
Whitlock thanks so much for that '