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'Your Business Is Like Your Boobs!' Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)
'Your Business Is Like Your Boobs!' Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6) I say tails never fails in your body the house around
Why would she do that
When people are already drinking its my choice you dont pick already drinking mmhmm if youre wearing a promotion people might come for it but if theyre already there youre just costing yourself money exactly cheers to the shot that Dahlia bought for the house for no reason hey
Where are you going with this I take a break
What do you take a break Im gonna take a break is
What I mean Ive been in there for two hours I can take a break breaks are every four hours then every two hours I dont have to go in there and serve drinks okay so we have an attitude issue here me theyre not I guess Melissas still on our break shall I go get her or are you gonna go get her never mind you just sit there like you always do so shes drunk yes and it is about so shes got four hours to go so
What are they gonna do carry her home
What are you done with your break are you doing with your break oh wait
What a man about to smoke another cigarette like are you serious right now no Im about to no no they said you cant be taking our break the work seems like an inconvenience to her yes thats a very appropriate way of putting that Applause can you act like a grandma please okay Melissa no more shots no more cuts thats enough you better not be drinking no more this is the most obnoxious bar staff Ive ever seen this is actually insane boobs guys this girl is all about her yes Im beginning to understand
Why this bar is packed with men this is a freak show okay this is gonna be outrageous I am going to rent a shot you wanna drink a shot in my chest its finally lets take number five guards also not for two dollars clearly value is proud of her chest and likes them to be a point of attention in conversation uhhuh cuz shes putting him out there every chance she gets certainly is no takers now video wants to take a shot at your orangutan eat it theres no takers I want to go in enjoy that John you psycho
What are you doing right now having a great time now if you offer a boob shot and not one man and the bar takes it
What does that say maybe you shouldnt do that anymore would you like to have one try it no I wouldnt actually I have no interest in your freak show and youre the worst of all how many times did you say behind that bar tonight did you say it a few so she chased out a few you chased out a few your business is like your boobs its sagging youre wrong because you know
What my boobs stand up like the American flag my ass like have a little hail damage Im not my boobs hello hi
Whats your name crystal and crystal
What is your relation to her thats my mom thats your mom are you proud of your mom were ashamed of your mom tonight I wasnt shame how far in debt are you maybe one hundred and forty four thousand one hundred and forty four thousand dollars and how much money you losing a month sometimes four thousand sometimes six thousand so how much money do you have left nothing nothing hows your house mortgage doing Im in the hole oh are you gonna lose your house if things dont get better yes so hows the
Whole boob thing working out for you then well if you want to see it Ill let you know I dont want to see it hey you want to have a drink and talk about it one more time she just wants to have a drink doesnt she if you dont want to do this Ill leave right now hi this is Jon Taffer click here to subscribe to Parramatta network on youtube for more bar rescue '